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Transgender inmate now sentenced to life after sexually assaulting multiple female inmates

Karen White. Credit: Facebook.

A transgender inmate’s prison sentence has been upgraded to “life” status after the prisoner admitted to assaulting and raping several women, including two inmates.

52-year-old Karen White was born a male (and remains one biologically), prior to claiming he was in transition to becoming a woman.

White allegedly used his “transgender persona” to align himself with vulnerable women, who he then attempted to take advantage of.

Karen White. Credit: West Yorkshire Police.

According to the Independent, the “highly manipulative” individual was initially sent to jail for convictions of gross indecency involving children, indecent exposure, indecent assault, dishonesty and violence.

In a recent court case presided by Judge Christopher Batty, prosecutors claim that White’s “approach to transitioning has been less than committed” and seems more geared towards taking advantage of vulnerable victims.

Going “into transition” while in prison, White became a little too friendly with a female inmate, until an incident last September that took place while prisoners were lining up for medication.

During the incident, the female prisoner felt White press his member against her back, and turned around to see White’s exposed genitals on display.

White also made inappropriate comments about fellatio towards other inmates, and even forced one to fondle his breast implants.

Amidst the controversy, one woman would come forward, claiming White raped her five to six times in 2016, forming a relationship after meeting at a psychiatric unit.

Other accounts of White’s monstrosities began to surface, including a quote from White himself, in which he claimed he was attracted to children, adding that he could abuse a child and “think nothing of it.”

It is believed that White has been transferred to a male prison, where he must serve nine and a half years behind bars before he can be considered for parole.

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    • In a male facility with that hair and a pair of plastic boobs? Yeah, 9 years sounds about right, if ha manages to last that long.

  1. And this is exactly why a person ‘in transition’ should be housed in the prison in which their current sex other coincides with. Unfortunately, there are people out there that will claim to be in transition to get at vulnerable persons and abuse them. So if he identifies as a child will we allow him to stay in a juivinile facility? Of course not.


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