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Thieves use box truck to bust into gun store; almost run over one of their own


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A group of thieves decided to use a box truck as a battering ram to rob a Virginia gun shop, almost killing one of their own in the process.

Guns, Gears and Ammo had been hit in “snatch and grab” robberies before, but never have they been seized by bandits using a truck as a battering ram.

Owner Josh Jennings said that the truck burst through the cinderblock walls, nearly killing one of the robbers inside.

Despite the bandits’ best efforts to steal firearms, there were none to be had.

“They keep trying, most of them aren’t bright enough to realize that we do not leave any firearm out, they’re all secured and in containers,” said Jennings.

Jennings was alerted after his motion sensors and security cameras caught the robbers taking the wall out.

“When the facility is shut down, nobody is in it at all, a mouse could come through and set it off and we don’t want that, but, if it boils down to it, I’d much rather show up to a false alarm than show up to a building with a gaping hole and a truck sitting in it,” he told WDBJ.

The Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s office is investigating the matter, and Jennings has already begun to rebuild and fortify.

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