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Cat hair links Texas woman who mailed explosives to Obama ...

A Brookshire woman who previously pleaded guilty to mailing explosives to then President Barack Obama, Gov. Greg Abbott and the director of a federal agency was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison on Monday, just moments after denying her involvement in the incidents.

BMW driver jumps curb striking father and son, slashes dad throat

A crazed BMW driver did the vehicle’s community no favors to shake off their stereotypes of being bad drivers after the Beamer owner drove onto a sidewalk, crashing into a man and his son.

Georgia police chief’s wife arrested in drug bust, remains in jail...

The wife of the Flowery Branch police chief was one of three people arrested last week when narcotics agents seized about $6,500 worth of heroin and methamphetamine from a Gainesville home.

Annoying officers, first responders may soon be jailable in upstate county

New Yorkers in upstate Monroe County may be walking on eggshells around local law enforcement in the future, thanks to a proposal that makes annoying first responders a jailable offense.

3 Judges suspended after drunken shootout at White Castle restaurant

Three judges have been suspended after becoming involved in an alcohol-fueled shootout outside of an Indianapolis White Castle burger joint.

Oklahoma police officer kills his chief while at law enforcement conference...

An Oklahoma police chief was killed Sunday during a conference in Florida, and a police officer in his own department is behind bars.

Florida woman smacks her head on restaurant’s kitchen counter, after breaking...

A Florida woman made headlines following a break-in at a local restaurant, with security camera footage documenting her literal fall from grace as she crashed through the ceiling and into the kitchen.

Mother beaten unconscious at a roller skating rink in front of...

A woman attending to her disabled son at a Colorado Springs roller rink was violently attacked in front of dozens of other families- and nobody rushed in to help her.

Shia LaBeouf thanks officer from 2017 arrest for “changing his life”...

Eccentric actor Shia LaBeouf recently thanked police officers for his arrest in Savannah, Georgia, claiming that they changed his life.

Disturbing video shows handcuffed man pull gun from his pants in...

Canadian police officers learned a valuable lesson about complacency after an arrested suspect produced a firearm from the back seat of a Toronto Police cruiser.