Home News 1.5 million N95 masks found stockpiled in an CBP Indiana warehouse

1.5 million N95 masks found stockpiled in an CBP Indiana warehouse


Around 1.5 million expired N95 masks were discovered in storage facilities under the care of Customs and Border Protection, causing controversy in a time when such personal protective equipment is a hot commodity.

Around five people who knew about the stockpile spoke to The Washington Post on the matter, alerting them to the CBP warehouse in Indiana.

The “sources” told the Post that the masks are part of the CBP’s emergency supply cache, and the CDC believes the expired masks could still work if they were stored properly.

While this is a big “if,” the masks could find their way into the hands and onto the faces of TSA agents around the country, as the PPE has been earmarked for use by the agency.

One senior administration official claimed the masks should be good to go.

“We’d never put the lives of the men and women at DHS at risk,” the official said.

N95 masks are so hard to come by, some doctors are re-using them and many people have begun fabricating and/or donating masks to send to hospitals.

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