Man rams stolen vehicle into squad car, caught after getting stuck...

A Minnesota Police Department got a helping hand from mother nature in capturing a car thief.

Argument over parking spot leaves former NFL player dead

What began as a dispute via text message between two neighbors over street parking ended in the death of an Aurora assistant principal who had played football for the University of Colorado and the Seattle Seahawks.

Deputy seen striking teen’s face after he was kicking patrol car...

The Lee County Sheriff's Office is investigating an incident where a deputy struck a teen in the head after they had already arrested him.

11-year-old arrested after refusing to say Pledge of Allegiance, threatening school...

A sixth-grade student in Lakeland, Fla., was arrested earlier this month after he was accused of causing a disturbance in a classroom.

Dash cam shows SUV flying through the air, crash lands on...

The Bristol Tennessee Police Department has just released scary video showing an SUV hitting a landslide, flying through the air, and crashes into a passing police cruiser.

Oklahoma man arrested after stealing car with two kids inside

The Tulsa Police Department has just released body and dash cam video of the arrest of a man who stole a car with two children inside.

NJ Deputy Mayor arrested after hitting officer with his car, demanding...

Haddonfield Deputy Mayor Jeff Kasko has been charged with assaulting a borough police officer in an incident that began after a confrontation with a process server who tried to deliver divorce papers to him at his home, authorities said Friday.

New Jersey police officer leaves big tip, tells pregnant waitress to...

23-year-old Courtney English got an emotional surprise during her Friday afternoon shift as a waitress at the Lamp Post Diner in New Jersey, according to our sister site

Virginia police officer calls in final 1042 to his son

A final 1042 for retiring Sergeant Robert Monk. The Bedford Virginia police officer has been patrolling the town for 22 years and in a viral video signed off for the final time.

Surveillance video shows Alabama deputy’s car burst into flames

An Etowah County deputy's car exploded outside the detention center Monday morning, Sheriff Jonathon Horton said, just moments before the deputy would have been in the vehicle.