Surveillance video shows undercover officers shoot armed robber during stakeout

Milwaukee police have released body cam and surveillance video of a May officer-involved shooting.

Cardi B indicted on felony charges for starting strip club brawl

A grand jury has indicted rapper/musician Cardi B for starting an October 2018 strip club brawl.

Florida trooper attempts to take suspect into custody, ends up getting...

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper was dragged about 100 feet from a car fleeing a traffic stop early this morning, and one person now faces a charge of attempted first-degree murder, FHP said.

Man under the influence of drugs runs through TSA scanner, starts...

Several TSA agents working at Phoenix's Sky Harbor airport were attacked on Tuesday morning after a 19-year-old male went berserk.

Texas officer killed after being “waved down,” ambushed by suspect

A Mission, Texas police officer was killed in the line of duty after he was waved down by a man saying there was a suspect with a weapon on the loose.

Deputy, Marine vet, says “departments no longer want cops like him”...

A deputy sheriff in Virginia walked away from police work- and gave the reason why on his last shift.

Police union says Dallas chief is “in over her head,” want...

The National Latino Law Enforcement Organization’s Dallas Chapter is calling for the removal of the Dallas Chief of Police, claiming she is “incompetent.”

Surveillance video shows suspect tried to run deputy over with a...

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department released a video Thursday morning of the shooting of a 24-year-old man in the parking lot of a Willowbrook apartment complex earlier this month, saying that the car involved in the incident was used as a weapon.

Partner saves officer’s life, shoots knife-wielding man charging at him in...

The San Rafael Police Department has released video footage of a confrontation where an officer shot a suspect last year.

New Oregon law ensures convicted cop killers face the death penalty

Oregon lawmakers have amended a crime bill that would carry the death penalty for the "aggravated murder" of law enforcement, corrections and parole, and probation officers.