Two Chicago police officers hit, killed by train

Two Chicago police officers were killed Monday night when they were hit by a train while investigating a call of shots fired on the city’s Far South Side, sources said

Officer shot with own gun, suspect killed after indecent exposure call

Two Kansas City, Kansas officers were hurt late Sunday responding to an indecent exposure call that ended with one of the officers shooting and killing the suspect.

IMPD Major demoted after defending rapist in court

A top man at the Indianapolis Metro Police Department has been demoted from his rank of major after he defended a convicted rapist in court, questioning the legitimacy of an IMPD investigation.

Charges dropped against student-model who allegedly attacked boyfriend

Prosecutors have dropped all charges against Kathryn Mahoney, a swimsuit model who was accused of attacking her college athlete boyfriend because he wanted to end the relationship.

Update: Georgia officer shot following traffic stop has died; K-9 at...

A Dekalb County police officer has died after being shot by a suspect who fled a traffic stop on foot. The suspect shot the officer during the pursuit.

Officer demoted after giving retired K-9 Ringo to animal shelter

A Mississippi Police K-9 from Jackson who was retired after nearly 10 years of service was handed to an animal shelter by his handler- and the chief of police has now demoted the officer for his callous action.

18-year-old son of Alton Sterling arrested for raping 8-year old boy...

The son of Alton Sterling is accused of raping an 8-year-old boy while taking on babysitting duties, according to the Baton Rouge Police.

Hacker alerts man that his Nest security cam is vulnerable by...

An Arizona man’s home security system was hacked by a mysterious voice- who offered him some surprisingly good advice on how to better protect his home.

Activist Judges demand ICE make courtrooms “Off-Limits” to arrests

Dozens of former activists judges are asking the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement to add courtrooms to their list of “sensitive locations,” places considered...