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Waco Police Department takes critic to task on social media


A sergeant from the Waco Police Department responded to a disrespectful tweet Sunday by offering the culprit a job.

Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton, using the hashtag #welovewaco, felt the need to respond when Twitter user Rbeau used the social-media platform to bash an on-duty officer for using his cell phone.

Swanton praises the police department calling it a great place to work and tells the troll the department is hiring — cautioning her, “if you can pass the rigorous background check, driving records check, previous employers check, family history check, psychological testing, polygraph, and drug screening.”

Swanton also used his pulpit to describe the officer pictured, and the many possible motives he may have for using his mobile device.

“Now, truth be known, he most likely was texting his significant other, telling her he was still safe and that it looked like he may make it home and back to her again today.”

He also outlines the many ways officers utilized their talents to support their families.

“He was on his personal vacation time taking off to work a part time job to make ends meet,” his jovial, yet pointed response says. “He is also our U. S. Marshal task force representative and is continuously on his cell helping to track the worst of the worst criminals, yes even when he is “off-duty. He arrests numerous felons every month keeping our entire community safe from some extremely bad guys.”

He responds directly to her admitting an officer’s job is challenging, however, it appears he’s pretty happy with his career choice.

“Do we have a rough job, you bet we do but wouldn’t trade it for any other one out there!!”

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