Truck driver caught dragging car down highway in shocking video

In a video that is hard to believe without actually seeing it, a truck on a California highway was captured on film dragging a car down the road.

The video was taken by Brian Steimke who was driving down I-15 on Wednesday afternoon when he came upon the Nissan being dragged by the truck.

As Steimke passes approaches the car stuck under the truck, he can see the driver pleading for help to get the truck to stop – which happens shortly thereafter with the help of another vehicle who positioned themselves in front of the truck and forced it to stop.

Also seen in the video, the driver of the truck either feigns ignorance, or possibly, somehow, didn’t know that he had collided with and dragged for several miles judging by the expression on his face.

The California Highway Patrol is not classifying this as an criminal incident, according to CBS LA

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