Surveillance video released of smash and grab at Florida gun store

Thieves in the Florida town of Zephyrhills pulled off a daring “bash-and-dash” when they raided a gun store after hours using a pickup truck.

The heist took place on Sunday morning at the Sunshine State Armory at around 2:15 AM, when a stolen Toyota Tacoma slammed into the security doors.

Following the battering ram action, three thieves rolled in, smashing every glass case they could find and seizing whatever wasn’t bolted down.

Eventually, the robbers ditched their vehicle and set it alight- with left-behind ammunition cooking off as fire crews came upon it.

“I believe there was some ammunition left inside the vehicle,” said Derek Brewer, public information officer for the Zephyrhills Police Department. “They had concerns about explosives and stuff so they didn’t actually try to extinguish it. They just let it burn.”

It was only after the flames had smoldered that it was determined the truck was stolen.

According to Fox13, Ed Hinchley -who works at an insurance company next door- said his business was flooded after the truck struck a hot water heater and that this kind of thing never happens in the sleepy town.

“This is Zephyrhills,” Hinchey said. “This isn’t downtown Miami. This isn’t Tampa. This is Zephyrhills. God’s waiting room, ma’am. To have something like this occur, that shakes people up.”


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