Raw Video: Smart SWAT officer professionally handles open carry cop blockers

This video speaks for itself. We at LEO Affairs are big 2nd Amendment supporters, but it seems that some are using the issue to antagonize police officers. This particular officer handles the situation exceptionally well while breaking down the law, reasonable suspicion, and how he isn’t omniscient and leaves the two young men essentially speechless.


  1. This is how these encounters with “Cop Baiters” should go. Well done Officer.

  2. What a couple of assholes.
    Cop is fucking awesome.

  3. My son was enrolled in the Police, Fire Fighter and EMT Program with The Village of Palm Springs Police Department and also the Civil Air Patrol (I was a single mom so to me it was important he have positive male role models in his life.)

  4. These guys did an awesome job. This could have gotten nasty but the LEOs kept their cool and handled the situation in a very professional manner.

  5. I find it a little telling from the headline of your article to the body which infers this is to “Antagonize”, after watching several of the videos of this kind, it seems more like an issue of informing citizens that “Guns” are not evil, people are.
    It is also about informing the boys in blue what the “Law” is, too many LEO’s have the God complex and think they can do no wrong, and quite often are ignorant of the laws they are supposed to enforce.

    • It doesn’t appear to be about informing citizens. There are much better ways of informing citizens of their rights, than to walk down the street with a loaded rifle. That is like arguing that people who yell “fire” in a crowded theater are only trying to educate other patrons on where the fire exits are. They were obviously meant to cause a law enforcement response, so they could give the officers a hard time and show how “knowledgeable” they were. That is why they had the camcorder, why they kept trying to interrupt the officer mid-sentence, and why the one punk was trying to immediately tell the cop where to park. They wanted to be internet bad-asses and get a large social media following.

  6. Brilliant. This officer handled the situation phenomenally, and I am sure the kids were taking a stroll and trying to antagonize, even talking over the officer and egging him on, but the officer handled the situation in a brilliantly executed educational manner. 500 Kudos to him.

  7. These officers were superbly professional and downright friendly, despite the fact that the individuals seemed to want to provoke a confrontation.
    Its one thing to want to exercise your Constitutional Rights, and another to have a Consiiutional shig

  8. Awesome! What’s so hard to get about using this approach? Why don’t more officers go about it this way? As one of those “crazy” OC people, I can assure you that most officers do not even come close to this level of professionalism, unfortunately. Just the simple fact that he didn’t demand ID was a huge step forward.

    Now if this was an AR, I’d argue that it’s more common in the semi-auto variant, and hence that RAS would not apply.

    And No, contrary to what most of you guys might think, we do not go out on walks looking to have a police interaction and antagonize officers. In Texas, this was done after OC of handguns was killed 3 legislative sessions (6 years) in a row. Once we moved from just writing, calling, and speaking to our legislators, we got results and the OC of handguns. Like the other 43 states.

    And something else you guys most likely don’t know…. Open Carry Texas, the larges OC group in Texas, meets (or at least requests meetings) with all departments BEFORE we have walks in their cities. We do this well in advance of any walks we do, so that they have the chance to get folks trained up and educated on the law. We even provide all of the info they need. Yet we still have problems with some departments, even though we’ve reached out to them and tried to work with them. San Antonio PD has been the worst about this, but that’s mainly due to the politics of the city I think.

    Guys, there’s a lot of us out there that respect the job you have chosen. We get that it’s tough and dangerous. And we’ll work with you to make it go smoothly. But the flip side of the coin is that when you start acting pissy and trying to use intimidation, many of us know the law and will dig our heels in. Lots of folks in the OC movement have been yelled at and intimidated by far scarier people (DIs, coaches, dads, moms, etc.) than y’all. lol

    Have a good one and stay safe.

  9. Nice job site admin. Love how you refuse to allow comments of an OC advocate that applauds cops and wants to congratulate them. Heaven forbid you let officers see that there’s folks like me out there OCing that respects cops and applauds them when they do a good job. Instead you seek to make the friction between the two worse, by not allowing me to say, “Good job LEOs. Conduct your interactions like this guy.” You’re as bad as the anti-cop folks, just the other side of the stupidity spectrum.

    On the off chance you let this comment through, my previous comment congratulated the officer for doing his job professionally and courteously, while still respecting the law and not demanding ID.

  10. AWESOME JOB OFFICER!! I have no problem with people exercising their rights..but to just go and on a corner w a rifle seems counter productive to the cause.

  11. Well done Officers! The professionalism shown and the way he articulated why he was on scene was fantastic.

  12. Great stop! Many situations can be handled this way if you think before you act…treat people like you want to be treated and you’ll do fine. Then you beat these guys at their own game.

  13. This Officer has obviously been trained on how to “field-test” a self-loading firearm for full-auto operation and is firearm-competent.

    If you’d like to bring what you know about firearms into focus and take your knowledge to the next level, logon to http://www.GunLearn.com . See the online training module on Machineguns and Clandestine Conversions.

  14. i have a special hatred in my heart for tools like these guys. Those cops were far more patient then I would have been.

    You stood on the street, with a gun, and then wondered why the cops would have reason to search you?

    Get a life.

  15. I assume at the end “did he put in my magazine in my butt?” has a double meaning. BTW The cop handled the situation like a stud.

  16. Very professional and made it a positive contact. Left ’em speechless in the end.

  17. Bullsh*t RAS he made up so he could make contact and detain to CYA because of the citizen complaint. Props for not being a douche and making a stink over getting their ID so he could run them for warrants.

    No contact should ever made (except consensual conversation per Terry v OH) unless BEHAVIOR dictates. If they’re not acting threatening while being observed from a distance, no contact should be made.

    Dispatch should have told the citizen to stop wasting their time after they asked what BEHAVIOR was being observed, which was walking down the street nonchalantly.

  18. The officer in this video was articulate, informed, polite, and professional. Being a retired officer I think most officers know this information, they are just not as skilled or proficient at being able to deliver the information in the manner that this officer was able to do. Regardless if constitutionally protected or not, the citizen(s) in this encounter were looking for an “encounter”. I hope that they were indeed as committed in the US Constitution as they represent themselves. I would suggest to them that instead of “representing” they should put it on the line. Militaty andlaw enforcement experience would be a great start. It could be reserve service, citizen’s academy, support of 2nd amendment groups, getting involved in grassroots politics, debate those whose activities destroy our way of life. You can’t swim unless you jump into the pool.

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