NYPD officers in Harlem keep their cool as nitwit in Che Guevara hat harasses them in disgraceful video

You have to wonder what’s going through these NYPD officers’ heads as they grab a cup of coffee at a bodega and get taunted by a small-framed but loud-mouthed individual in a Che Guevara hat.

One member of the general public opined that he would have “tased his ass n let him piss himself while I finish my coffee” if he were one of the officers.

Nonetheless, the officers maintained an near super-human level of restraint, and hardly acknowledged the obnoxious twerp who claims he went to an Ivy League school (they must be very proud).

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  1. Dirt under their feet! He needs punched in the face as my husband would say. This might have been one time I’d have let my husband go for it.

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