Newly released video of Spokane officers shoot knife wielding sex offender

Spokane police Wednesday released multiple body camera videos showing officers chasing Dexter M. Dumarce, who was carrying a knife, before he was shot and killed.

Although the video footage is just recently available, the Spokane County Prosecutor’s Office ruled the shooting justified in April.

“Dumarce presented a serious and immediate threat to officers and to the safety of others who were stopped at the traffic light,” the Prosecutor’s Office said in a news release to The Spokesman-Review.

The video shows Officer Mark Zimmerman approach Dumarce around 12:30 a.m. Jan. 5, because, according to police, he was acting suspicious. The Spokesman-Review reports Dumarce gave police a false name and date of birth before admitting that he was wanted on a felony probation violation warrant. He then pulled a knife and ran, and a foot chase ensued.

During the pursuit, Zimmerman is seen slipping and falling several times on the icy streets and sliding into parked cars as the chase moves downhill. He and other officers repeatedly shout to Dumarce telling him stop and drop the knife, but the suspect alternately walks and jogs while mostly ignoring officers. Zimmerman and other officers try to shock Dumarce with a Taser several times, but as is seen on the video, Dumarce is not fazed.

Dumarce continues to disregard officers’ orders as he approached an intersection where civilians are waiting at a red light. Fearing for the civilians, officers fire on Dumarce and he tumbles to the ground. Zimmerman and other officers handcuff Dumarce and render first aid.

Dumarce later dies of his wounds.

Cpl. Ryan Jamieson fired because the suspect was approaching civilians, and Jamieson feared he would attempt to carjack one of the vehicles, Spokane Police Lt. Steve Wohl tells the Spokesman-Review. “He felt that both officers’ and citizens’ lives were in danger,” Wohl said.

According to the Spokesman-Review, Officer Zimmerman injured his left hand and wrist after he fell on the ice and was taken to a local hospital to be treated.

The Spokesman-Review reports Dumarce, 33, was a registered sex offender and had a lengthy criminal history.


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