Man films himself giving officers a hard time outside police station where his wife works

A Florida man, apparently upset that police officers were not coming to a complete stop at the stop sign exiting a police station, decided to videotape the infractions.

When someone noticed the man videotaping the building and the officers leaving the parking lot, they called 911 and officers approached the man who was recording them. Given the recent spike in attacks on law enforcement officers across the country, the surveillance of the station is certainly something worth looking into. So officers approached the man.


He then goes into the typical cop-blocker nonsense and is very rude to the officers, especially the female officer, as he won’t even roll down his window to speak with her. As things escalate, it comes out that the man is there to pick up his wife, who works at the police station. The officers and the man argue, but ultimately no action is taken, aside from the possible embarrassment of the man’s wife, as one officer points out.


  1. This guy is a real jerk.

  2. Douch bag!!!! yes you have rights but don’t be a Dick!!! loser !! I bet his wife is proud!!

    • I love how you correlate having rights and using them, as being a dick. The dick would be the person that blocked him in for no reason. But of course, cops never do anything wrong…

      • Julis how is the police challenging a suspicious person parked in a police station filming them station, not wrong. If someone would have been targeting his wife and no action taken by the men and women in this video then he would have sued ir been upset because he figured they failed to do their job. Its funny how the law protects only you radicals feel it’s convenient for them. He is wrong fir drawing this attention let along doing it where his wife works. Last point: you don’t scream fire in a crowded building and there is none, ( second) you don’t sit in a parking lot of a police station filming and you have not received clearance or the police don’t have prior knowledge. If he wants to excercise his rights do it with in the confines of the law.

  3. Who ever wrote this article mostly likely unaware of the US Constituation and its meaning. The police officer were wrong to violate an Americans constitutional right participate. Also the article above fails to mention that the civilian has been parking his car in that same spot for about 3 years waiting for his wife to come out of work and at times he would wait 3 hours parked in the same spot. So you are going to tell no officer never noticed the vechicle. The police officers only notice the car when they being video taped. OFFICERS PLEASE READ LEARN AND UNDERSTAND THAT ONE THING YOU SWORE TO DEFEND. THE officers where wrong in so many ways and very unprofessional

    • His rights were never violated. A Terry stop was justified in order to dispel whether a crime was or is being committed. It took nearly 8 minutes to tell officers why he was there. “I am doing police business” does not dispel suspicion. How long you have been parking there is irrelevant, as an officer sees thousands of cars daily and aren’t expected to remember them.

      YES, parking in a police lot with a camera is suspicious. Very suspicious, as it is atypical for an officer/family members typically do not record police movements.

      It took 8 minutes to tell officers why you were there and never confirmed it. You could have been lying in order to continue planning your attack…. THEY DONT KNOW YOU, regardless of how long you park in the same spot.

  4. I completely disagree DOTUSC. This guy is parked at the police station and the police officers are conducting an investigation. They have a legal right to do so. The fact that he was there for daily for 2-3 years is irrelevant. The day that he is seen video taping officers is a reason to suspect that he has ill intentions. All he had to do was answer the questions and cooperate. He is a difficult jerk. I believe they should have told him to park outside of their lot and told him to stay out since he was not conducting police business.
    Would it be different for you if he parked along the curb from your house and video taped your family coming and going? Would you assume that this clown was up to know good or would you want him investigated. Say his wife was an employee of a neighbor and he parked along the curb everyday for 3 years to pick her up but one day he showed up and started filming your family coming and going, wouldn’t you call the police and request they respond and investigate?
    This guy is a first class jerk. I guarantee you he treats his wife like crap and just argues for the sake of arguing. You will never convince me that he is right.
    All he had to do was call the Police Station’s Watch Commander and complain that cops don’t stop at the stop sign. Immediately, the WC would have notified all officers to make sure they comply with the law. The fact that those officer’s are blowing the stop sign and going into service to take calls to protect their community tells me that they are public servants that are happy to serve the community including this idiot.

  5. How sad to be his wife.

  6. This was uncalled for. He knew that video taping a police station would get him unwanted attention but did it anyway. He not only didn’t prove any point but only made himself look like an asshole! I feel sorry for his wife.

  7. I side with the cops on this one. If somebody was parked in front of this guy’s house, filming him and his family, by his logic, he woyld not approach him or be concerned in any way? Yeah, right.

  8. It’s funny how every cop sucker calls this guy rude and a loser
    He was filming police breaking the law
    They asked him what he was doing
    He explained he was conducting 1st ammendment protected activity
    They asked his name
    He chose not to give it
    Any 1st year law student or anyone with youtube knows he is not obligated to give it without reasonable suspicion a crime is a foot
    They should have walked away
    But he insulted their ego and their shiny badge so bully mentality came out and they escalated the situation
    He stayed calm polite and professional the entire time.
    The only one who should be embarrassed are the officers who swore oath to protect his 1st, 4th, and 5th amendments then trampled all over them.

  9. Those of you apologizing for the police are not acknowledging THREE things. One, he told the female officer AT THE BEGINNING of this video that he was waiting for his wife. That SHOULD have been the end of it. Second, the female and the brass that came out later in the video need some training on the law concerning one having to ID themselves and what constitutes “police business.” Last of all, a different Lieutenant contacted him for a meeting the following day and told him that he could park in the parking lot ANYTIME when picking up or dropping off his wife and he could film ANYTHING he wanted to while waiting.

    At least someone realized all the wrong that happened in this video.

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