Dramatic footage released in Walmart ambush shooting of two Arizona police officers

CHANDLER, AZ – Seconds after arriving at a local Walmart on an early morning trespassing call, Officers Daniel Colwell and Joshua Pueblo were fired upon by convicted felon Mitchell Oakley.

Officer Pueblo was hit in the face and Colwell was hit twice in his vest at close range. However as Colwell fell backwards, he was able flip onto his back to return fire, eventually striking and killing Mitchell.


Both officers recovered.

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  1. Good shoot, but I don’t like seeing an officer abandon his partner. He ran away without even drawing his firearm. Escape the fight and abandon your partner is NOT what we should do. Take cover if possible and return fire. Or return fire while retreating. But NEVER abandon your partner. To the officer who went down, returned fire and stayed in the fight. Well done sir!

    • I mean the one that ran off was shot in the face so…..
      they both did well under the circumstances.

    • The officer who “abandoned” his partner just got shot in the face. No one can tell me what they would do after being shot at close range in the face. Never Monday Morning a cop in a fight for his life.

    • I generally don’t disagree. We were not there though. The other officer got hit in the face. It’s possible, he would of been more of a liability staying in the fight. But, your not wrong. Stay in the fight. If you can. I believe this officer did everything he could. The other officer is a bad ass though. You see that shot while sliding on his back. Good lord.

    • I think it says the other officer was hit in the face. Probably why he fled to safety like he did. Great job by the officer who returned fire. Good shoot all around. Glad it ended with the good guys ok. Well done.

    • I don´t know bro, if he was shoot in face…. what else he can do. I´m glad that the both officers are ok and alive

    • He was chasing another suspect you fucking dumbest. Watch the video!

    • The officer retreating had already been shot thru both sides of his face and in his arm, which caused permanent damage and limitation and thought his life may be in danger…obviously. The shitty quality of these videos never show all the details. Please use discretion and official reports before determining what actually happened.

    • I think you should should hold your judgement and comment……The officer who”ran away” was shot in the face………how do you think that feels and how does that effect your ability to respond to anything……

    • He could have been shot and was running to safety. If you were in the same situation you would have acted differently. YOU can’t judge what this officer did.

    • Officer Pueblo got shot in the face and you’re seriously expecting him to return fire on a retreating assailant? This has to be a troll.

    • He was shot in the face… kind of hard to return fire if you have your face shot. I thought the same thing until I read that in the article. Regardless, scary stuff!

    • He was shot in the face…. That’s why he ran, great job by both officers. They both survived and this individual is dead.

    • Way to Monday morning quarterback the situation Jared. You have no clue what happened, you weren’t there, yet you accuse the cop of abandoning his partner.

    • He Was Shot In The Face Sir. You Can See The Blood Trail As He’s Running As Scary As It Is He Probably Thought He Was Gonna Die.. He Probably Couldn’t See Either But dont Be A sitting duck!? Happy They Both Recovered though

    • One hundred percent agreed. Never leave your partner. Rolling to his back and returning fire from a grounded position is exactly what he he needed to do there. Combat mindset and stay in the fight and defeat the threat.

    • The guy was shot in the face, Jared. Have you ever been shot in the face, then calmly and rationally reacted? Is it possible being shot in the head impaired his ability to respond effectively? Did he abandon the fight or did he simply run out of the camera frame? Could he even see? Did he remain conscious? You are one judgemental dude.

    • I agree with what you are saying, but in this case he was shot in the face, just under his left eye. It’s incredible he was able to retreat at all. Having never been shot in the face, I do not feel qualified to judge his actions.

    • Jared, read the whole article, the Officer you are arm chair quarterbacking was was shot in the face, he did not abandon his partner. He was trying to survive a life threatening “Shot to the Face”.

    • So, you’re a cop? And all cops do not run to take cover? How would you know there is only 1 criminal. Don’t you have to take a good look around to assess the situation? Really? Criticize the cops as if they are not human.

    • He got shot in the face. What the hell do you expect him to do? Very clear to tell you have never been in a life threatening situation.

  2. LEOs, thank you for your service. Please know that many of us military members (and prior military in my case) will help you any way we can.

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