Cop blocker gets shut down by police officer, identified as a sex offender

Things really take a turn for cop blocker Robert West when he begins to harass a Portland police officer in this video.

Right as West, who goes by the name ‘Uncle Bob,’ begins bothering the officer, she immediately reminds him that fliers are posted at a local school identifying him as a registered sex offender. However it appears he doesn’t want the conversation about his heinous crimes to continue on tape and stops filming.

Editor’s Note: Yes, this leader among cop blockers is a registered sex offender who goes by the name ‘Uncle Bob.’ Here’s his mugshot from when he was recently arrested for interfering with police.

Cop Blocker and registered sex offender Robert West, a.k.a Uncle Bob.

Cop Blocker and registered sex offender Robert West, a.k.a Uncle Bob.


  1. This title is miss written. It states that the cop is a sex offender. Please correct it.

  2. Of course he don’t like bikes, listen to how he’s sucking wind LOL

  3. This is awesome!!!! You go girl, This guy has no clue what he was getting a hold of. LMAO

  4. Lol! “Cop Blocker” must be desperate for members! They welcome sex offenders into their organization?

  5. HEY EDITOR, How about making your sentences mean what you intend? Ie: Cop blocker gets shut down, identified as a sex offender, by police officer. Punctuation, and word order, are important.

  6. I love how this d-bag calls the cops “heavy set” when you can see from his picture and hear from him gasping for breath when he was walking that he’s obviously morbidly obese.

  7. If he is a sex offender why does his name not show up when you search the Oregon Sex Offender Inquiry System?

  8. Here you go. She was right. He is registered in CA. Even has a pic

    Robert Lee West

  9. Dude is snorting and winded and complains they are heavy set?

  10. Show an actual link of the sex offense or shut the fuck up.

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