Home News VIDEO: Man riding on police cruiser lassos runaway calf

VIDEO: Man riding on police cruiser lassos runaway calf


A quiet stretch of roadway in Henry County, Tennessee turned into what looked like a rodeo scene yesterday.

A cowboy rode on the hood of a police cruiser to try and catch a calf, as the sheriff narrated the whole thing from behind the wheel.

The rogue calf was spotted running down Hwy 79 in Paris, Tennessee on Tuesday morning.

Screen shot from video
Screen shot from video

The man on the front of the patrol car, identified as David Bevill, lands the rope around the calf‘s neck in one try.

“We just roped him, we just got him! We just got him! Bevill, tie him to front of my car,” Sheriff Monte Belew screamed out with glee.

Sheriff Belew posted the raw footage to Facebook and the video has been shared nearly 10,000 times, according to WVLT.

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