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VIDEO: Detective brutally assaulted outside police station


A detective in the Indiana city of Clarksville had an encounter with a goose on Friday- who was anything but a good wingman.

The Clarksville PD Detective was entering the police headquarters when he was attacked by a Canadian Goose who was defending its eggs.

During the altercation, the officer was attacked several times, even getting knocked down in the process.

According to city landscapers and workers, the geese find the lush and well-manicured grounds in the city area are attractive nesting grounds for the very territorial waterfowl.

“We are trying to put this rock down so that they don’t have no mulch to build their nest because everybody is afraid of being chased,” landscaper Felipe Ponce, explained,

Louisville Zoo Lead Bird Keeper Craik Mikel said he felt bad for the detective, but was amused by the video.

“They’ll open their wings up and they’ll slap you with the broad part of the wing which is a very strong part of the bird, of the wing. They’re very strong flyers and they’ll use that to try to get you away,” said Mikel.

According to WHAS11, the rule of thumb is that if you see a goose acting aggressively, give the bird some space and avoid harming the federally-protected animal if at all possible.

“No, you can’t blame the goose,” said Ponce, “Because they’re trying to protect their nest, their kids pretty much.”

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