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Governor Bush Announces Initiative to Combat Public Corruption
Executive Order 99-237: Florida Public Corruption Task Force
SB 1996 Citizen’s Right to Honest Government
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12/24/2004 Tampa Trib – At Last, Cal Finally Leaves The Building
11/04/2004 Tampa Trib – Indictment Accuses Man Of Using Date-Rape Drug In 6 Sex
08/04/2004 Tampa Trib – Ober Talks To Missing Man’s Mother
06/03/2004 Weekly Planet – The Whistleblower’s Riddle
05/08/2004 Tampa Trib – Colleague Lied About Clique, Former Chief Judge Writes
05/02/2004 Tampa Trib – Ex-Judge Recounts Invitation To Clique
12/06/2003 Tampa Trib – Corruption Investigation Confirmed
12/05/2003 Tampa Trib – Judge Was Target For Informing FBI, 2nd Detective Says
12/04/2003 Tampa Trib – Judge: Evidence Of Corruption Ignored By FBI
12/04/2003 Weekly Planet – Payback for Holder
11/10/2003 Tampa Trib – Hmmmmmm, Maybe We Should Buy A Giant Badger
10/03/2003 SP Times – Judge rules prosecutor may stay on case
09/20/2003 SP Times – On the stand – and on the spot
05/27/2003 OPINIONSTOGOONLINE.COM – Greco Some Things Never Change
05/20/2003 SP Times – Second officer in Plant City’s corruption inquiry sentenced
05/17/2003 SP Times – Despite pleas, ex-officer sentenced to prison
05/13/2003 SP Times – Prosecutor accuses sheriff of stalking
05/13/2003 SP Times – Ex-city attorney denied pension
04/16/2003 SP Times – Prosecutor sues sheriff, charging illegal snooping
02/01/2003 SP Times – Tampa mayor hopes to put a ring around his last days on the job
01/22/2003 Tampa Trib – At Last, The End Is Near For Hillsborough’s High Sheriff
01/05/2003 SP Times – Lawyers turn on each other in probe
12/03/2002 SP Times – It takes 5 to fetch sheriff’s helicopter
11/14/2002 SP Times – Major Tangled In Federal Probe
10/30/2002 SP Times – Inquiry snagged sheriff’s official
10/30/2002 Tampa Trib – Politics Gets Billionaire Benefactor
10/24/2002 SP Times – Bowl color switch a hit; Greco proves social savvy
10/09/2002 SP Times – Net may drop on others in Plant City
08/29/2002 SP Times – The first to go Series: EDITORIALS
07/20/2002 SP Times – ‘I’M THE ONE WHO TAKES THE HEAT’ // Plant City manager quits as investigation continues
07/17/2002 SP Times – Plant City manager quits as investigation continues
07/17/2002 SP Times – Restore trust in Plant City Series: EDITORIALS
07/15/2002 SP Times – Plant City cop admits corruption, ends trial
07/12/2002 SP Times – Officer details a shadowy history
07/11/2002 SP Times – Jury told corruption runs deep
07/09/2002 SP Times – Judge refuses to revoke bail of Plant City officer
06/22/2002 SP Times – Officer may face a wait in jail
06/21/2002 28NEWS.COM – Silence from nuisance abatement board
04/29/2002 Bradenton Herald – Plant City police chief, mayor accused of cover-up scandal
04/28/2002 Naples Daily News – Plant City police chief, mayor accused of hiding evidence
04/28/2002 SP Times – Familiar names back mayoral candidate
04/23/2002 SP Times – The silence isn’t helping Plant City Series: EDITORIALS
04/17/2002 SP Times – Dark days for Plant City police
02/23/2002 The Naples Daily News – Collier County – Editorial: ‘Integrity’ is practiced by actions, not words
10/13/2001 SP Times – Greco hired kin of an old friend
08/29/2001 For the Personal Attention of Mark Ober, Hillsborough State Attorney
07/30/2001 SP Times – Judge must give up fishing retreat
12/01/2000 CBSNEWS.COM – 60 Minutes – Internal Affairs -Officer Says His Work Against Corruption Led Others To Revenge
11/24/2000 SF Bus Times – Eddie D. kicks off new career
06/23/2000 SP Times – Tarnished police trust Series: EDITORIALS
01/19/1999 BBHQ.COM – Three Cheers for the Jury
01/27/1998 “We’re Probably Living In The Best Times We May Ever See”
July 1976 Cleveland Magazine – Edward J. DeBartolo: The Pharaoh From Youngstown

US Attorneys Office vs Plant City PD vs FDLE – Is It Really Corruption? Things are not always as they seem

2003 LIQUID-DEPRENYL.COM – Declaration of James T Kimball
01/24/2003 Pharmaceutical Law & Industry – Court Grants Petition for Grand Jury
To Probe Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals
07/06/1999 State, federal agents wage war against Florida pharmaceutical research company