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Opinion: The war on police is real; nothing is routine anymore



Over the last month or so, I’ve felt somewhat desensitized to the officer down posts. They’re coming so frequently.. I take a minute, think of my fallen brother or sister and then go about my business. At first I thought it was apathy, which scared the hell out of me. Then I realized it’s almost a coping mechanism. Sort of the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” thing.

But, It’s a little different for cops. From Day 1, they see the evil, hear the evil, and fight a constant battle to not speak the evil.

Detective Benjamin Marconi of the San Antonio Police Department spent more than 20 years fighting that battle. And then he lost it forever. And his family lost him.

Like I say every time- cops dying isn’t “new”. “Cops know the risks”. Ever single one of us is warned of the danger and willingly accepts it at the beginning of our career. Cops die doing things most wouldn’t dream about- and they do it with purpose for a greater common good. But this whole “ambush killing” is sort of new. One report says this kind of killing is up 167% this year.

Anger, frustration, sadness, and a myriad of other emotions surface when a cop dies. But the “ambush” deaths are the hardest pills to swallow. Detective Marconi died while writing a citation.. an essential function of the job he did. He had probably written thousands of them, all kind of in the same way.. And an opportunistic coward decided to end his life while he did it.

In 2016, cops are dying at alarming rates, retiring at unprecedented rates, and not surprisingly, recruiting is so low that agencies are having to lower minimum standards. Because people are looking at this job and asking: “what for?”

Detective Marconi spent many years knowing “what for”. But after all of that time and that dedication to service.. He died at the hands of a coward. One who didn’t have the guts to let him fight back.

To the suspect: your free days are numbered. You’ll be tracked down and found. But you won’t be ambushed. You’ll be afforded the right to give up peacefully and be given your due process. Or, you’ll fight back and face a different end. The choice is yours.

To every blue reading this: enough is enough. Nothing is “routine”. Be cognizant and aware. Mainstream media and the left vehemently deny it- but there is most surely a war being waged against us. Don’t be the next casualty.

And to Detective Marconi: you did not die in vain. The rest of us will keep fighting the good fight in your honor, and in memory of all the ones before you. It sounds like a broken record, but I truly hope you are resting easy, sir. We’ll keep the watch.

– JA


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