Military/LEO Dog Tags

These are the real deal.  Authentic Military/LEO Dog Tags using stainless steel dog tags, a 30″ chain and a black silencer (includes all three).  Printed on the same dog tags the military uses and using the same embossing equipment they use (a $10,000 NewBold Adressograph Model 320).  The print is clear and very legible, unlike handheld units and old debossing machines.

Each dog tag can contain up to 5 lines of 15 characters.  If you are using a silencer, we recommend using only 13 characters on each line (otherwise the silencer will conceal the 1st and 15th characters).

Available Characters:
Alphabet: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ (capital letters only)
Numerals: 0123456789
Punctuation: , . / ; ‘ –

Recommended Format:
Line 1: Last Name
Line 2: First Name
Line 3: Agency
Line 4: Blood Type or Badge Number
Line 5: Religious Preference

These are ideal for law enforcement personnel while on and off duty (we even make undercover dog tags).  You can also duplicate your old or lost military dog tag.  Safely identify yourself to medical personnel as a law enforcement officer with your blood type or duplicate your dog tag for a spouse.  We’ve done dog tags for entire squads, SWAT teams and have had agencies interested in outfitting their troops with them.

At this time we are only accepting orders for 10 dog tags or more at a time.  When ordering please make sure you use Coupon Code ODORFXVWH85H in order to get 50% OFF (they will cost you $5 each instead of $10).  Shipping is extra.  To order simply access our Online Store by clicking HERE.

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