Technology, Take Home Cars, Make Slipping Out Early A Little Easier

Davie Police Maj. James 'Brad' Carney

Over a nine-month period beginning in October 2011, Davie Police Maj. James ‘Brad’ Carney spent less than an eight-hour day in the town two-thirds of the time, according to SunPass records.

According to a new study by the SunSentinel of SunPass records, cops in South Florida are leaving their assigned work locations and heading home early.  Technology and take home cars allow officers to do this, but the same technology can tell on the officers.  The study of the SunPass records involved numerous South Florida police agencies and has led to some changes at some of them.   For up-to-date news accounts of this story, photos and to post a comment, please access the links below:

Broward County Sheriff’s Office Message Board

Davie Police Department Message Board

Delray Beach Police Department Message Board

Miami Beach Police Department Message Board

Miami Police Department Message Board

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Message Board

Plantation Police Department Message Board

Sunrise Police Department Message Board

12/09/2012 – Technology, take-home cars let South Florida cops slip out early

12/09/2012 – Miami Beach ATV crash reveals dangers of AWOL cops

12/08/2012 – Davie police major cuts hours short, especially on Fridays, records show

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