Embattled Bal Harbour Police Chief Thomas Hunker Is Fired

Embattled Bal Harbour Police Chief Thomas Hunker was fired on Friday.  He had been chief since 1993.  He had recently been criticized in a federal investigative report for misspending of federal forfeiture funds along with other wrong doings.  For up-to-date news accounts of this story, photos, videos and to post comments, please access the links below:

03/08/2013 – Bal Harbour police chief, in fight over alleged misspending, is fired

03/06/2013 – End near for embattled Bal Harbour police chief

02/24/2013 – Crime’s scarce, but Bal Harbour cops rack up the overtime anyway

12/15/2012 – Bal Harbour cops spent lavishly with seized drug loot

12/11/20112 – Bal Harbour police chief suspended amid new allegations of misconduct

11/01/2012 – Bal Harbour leaders stand by embattled chief

10/30/2012 – Feds to Bal Harbour: Hand over seized drug loot

10/27/2012 – Feds probe Bal Harbour Police Department over seized millions


  1. I have seen Chief Tom as a rogue cop for 30 yars so why are the feds picking on him now? are they jelous?

  2. Now, everyone can see why Bal Harbour Police Chief Tom Hunker has been nicknamed ‘Al Capone’ well before this federal investigation came out.

  3. Tom Hunker is a decent and all American Police Administrator. He is a real cops cop and helps everyone that comes to him. We in the REAL law enforcement field respect, commend and support Tom all the way.

    The feds have always been jealous of succesful local agencies. Whether you’re state, county or local, if you cast a shadow over the feds and their operations, you’re just corrupt in the FED’s eyes.

    It’s like (A FEW GOOD MEN)
    “You want me on that wall, You need me on that wall !!!!” / “You can’t handle the truth”

    The feds create all of these task forces and include the locals for asset sharing in part, because of the policy permitted activities that the locals have and the feds don’t, as well as the local networking capabilities that exist. So, the DOJ recruits local agencies to participate in federally created task forces, they tell those Chiefs of Police (like TH) go get’em tiger, and then want to punish them when they do too well??? WTF???

    For those with anything else negative to say, well?? Do it somewhere else.

    We in Dade County support TH and we are positive that HE and WE will all overcome this injustice.

    Stay strong TH !!!

    • Hey Jay Effelston stop drinking the coolade. Dont speak for everyone in dade county “We in Dade County support TH” because we dont.

      What a joke, its about time that someone caught up with “Hunkalicious” he has been laundering money for years and the city and their mayor and commissioners kept quiet because his laundering ways has been paying the tab for the police department. What exacly is the direct nexus between Bal Harbour and all these places they have been seizing money and drugs from…….the answer is NONE. His boys have been seizing and laundering money throughout the country and been taking a nice cut, lets do a public records request and find out how much money all these detectives make every year. Oh never mind the Feds are already doing it. HAAAAAAAAAAAA

  4. If you are on Capones payroll, stay off this site.

  5. It is close to impossible to fathom a state with lower political and police standards than Florida, It matters not if Rep or Dem.

  6. DEA Miami finally got a siezure. It couldn’t come from the bad guys, but from a police dept that embarrasses them every year. Its a disgrace that a fellow ageny cannot work together. Maybe the DOJ should question the Miami Field office why is it that Bal Harbour works so closely with other DEA field offices nation wide, but not with Miami.

  7. I think the Chief should turn in his passport and wear an an ankle monitor intil the conclusion of this corruption probe.

  8. I have know Tom for many yers. He is not corupt. He helsp people. other poeple are jelous of Tom.

  9. Seems like Hunker abandoned ship when the goin got tough and left his buddies to fend on their own for themselves. Hunker suspended himself (distancing himself from the police dept), hired a very expensive criminal hot shot defense attorney and Hunker is not talking. His Hunkerboys he had running crazy all over the country are on their own now!
    Why would Hunker go into hiding and hire a high profile criminal defense attorney if he were not guilty??

  10. Since Hunker is a (was a former) police chief, I nominate Tom Hunker as the Miami-Dade County most corrupt cop of the year.

  11. I thik Tom will be fond not gulty of evrything. Tom hepls people.

  12. Hunker keeps on slipping into more and more do do.

  13. Bye Bye Al Capone- have fun in the Pen

  14. Seems like the sticky feces jefe was stuck in the septic tank had to be flushed and forced out- even though it did not want to go! This is the first step to a clean Bal Harbor. Best of luck to the good men and women of Bal Harbor PD

  15. It’s about time the top trash was taken out of Bal Harbor PD. What took soooo long? Maybe now the PD can eventually go back to how it was before Hunker- RESPECTABLE

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