Scotland Yard unveils the ‘Talon,’ a spiked net designed to thwart vehicle terror attacks

The Talon. Credit: London Metropolitan Police.

Scotland Yard has unveiled a new spiked, vehicle-stopping net designed to stop vans and lorries targeting crowds in terror attacks.

The piece of kit, known as Talon, can be deployed by two officers in less than a minute and can stop a vehicle weighing up to 17 tonnes, police said.

The equipment is part of a strategy to tackle attacks using vehicles in the wake of terrorist atrocities at West-minster, London Bridge and Finsbury Park.

Barriers have already been installed on nine bridges in the capital as well as other popular tourist sites.

The new equipment, similar to the smaller police “stinger” spike strip, has tungsten steel spikes to puncture tyres before the net becomes tangled around the front wheels.

Credit: Caroline Wilson

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