Tom Cruise Latest Victim of SWATting Call


Beverly Hills police surronded Tom Cruise's home after someon called in that shots were fired

Beverly Hills police surronded Tom Cruise’s home after someon called in that shots were fired

Tom Cruise found himself as the victim of a SWATting call on Thursday.  Police were called to Cruise’s home for a shot’s fired call.  It turned out to be a hoax designed to get a SWAT call out to the home.  Police responded and found out that everything was okay and that the call did not originate from the residence.  For up-to-date news accounts of this story, photos and to post a comment, please access the links below:

Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office Message Board

01/17/2013 – Tom Cruise becomes latest ‘swatting’ victim

01/17/2013 – Tom Cruise is apparent victim of a ‘shots fired’ ‘swatting’ hoax

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02/28/2012 – Sarasota detectives investigating 911 prank call as ‘SWATting’ incident

02/28/2012 – Sarasota Sheriff: Prankster called in SWAT team hoax

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  1. Let’s make it a FELONY and let mommy & daddy shell out 10 grand for an attorney for little Johnny. 5K fine too plus court costs!

    Maybe I’m missing something, what is the purpose or end result? Break a few doors & windows? Hitting the wrong house? Can anyone tell me what is the point of SWATing?

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