Pinellas Sheriff Hires Deputy With Checkered Past

Pinellas Sheriff Hires Deputy With Checkered Past

Pinellas Sheriff Hires Deputy With Checkered Past, Sheila Fowlie Langlais became a deputy in July.

Pinellas Sheriff Hires Deputy With Checkered Past At Two Prior Police Departments

Even after all of his recent heavy handedness on discipline, it appears that Pinellas Sheriff Bob Gualtieri has gone soft when hiring someone who once was photographed holding a campaign sign for him.  Now Deputy Sheila Fowlie Langlais is a former Tarpon Springs Police Officer and a Former Pinellas Park Police Officer.

She resigned both police departments during internal affairs investigations that could have resulted in her being terminated.  In Tarpon Springs Langlais was being investigated for having a relationship with her sergeant.  She told investigators that they had not had sex, but had kissed and slept at each other’s homes.  Sgt Ronald Surmin retired before the investigation was completed, and Langlais likewise resigned.

Langlais next went to work in Pinellas Park.  In Her 4 years at Pinellas Park she had a laundry list of things that she was reprimanded or punished for.  The most major was when she received an 80 hour suspension for failing to turn in a ballistic vest following a drug investigation.  She then failed to terminate a pursuit when she was ordered to and was facing a termination hearing for that when she resigned.

Gualtieri defended hiring Langlais by saying that people make mistakes and they grow up.  It is interesting to note that Langlais was Facebook friends with Gualtieri and his wife, but she has since  removed them.  For up-to-date news accounts of this story, photos and to post a comment, please access the links below:

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Message Board

04/25/2014 – Pinellas Sheriff Bob Gualtieri hires deputy with checkered past


  1. Maybe third time’s a charm.

  2. Now she get’s to be a corrupt as she wants, Bob will always cover for her just so he doesn’t look even more like a fool. Gotta wonder out-loud who her parents are…

  3. Good for her, you guys are haters. Obviously not too busy doing police work on the west coast, if this is a “big deal”

  4. Good for her! Bunch of previous B.S.

  5. Investigated for having a relationship with her sergeant??? When are we going to hang up this puritanical, bible nonsense and stop investigating employees for being normal human beings? It’s ridiculous and childish.

  6. Check this website.

    I think the police profession should be monitored more closely by the state. Just as attorneys get disbarred and doctors get their licenses revoked when they screw up, police officers should get their police certification revoked by the FDLE when they screw up also.

    In the law enforcement field, too many bad apples fall through the cracks getting terminated from one department and then getting re-hired by a neighboring agency only to abuse their power again.

    As the Herald Tribune reports, this is a great problem in Florida.

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