Officer Connected To Embezzlement Of Funds For 4 Fallen Officers Fired

Brian Wurts

Brian Wurts

A Lakewood, WA police officer, Brian Wurts, has been terminated following an internal investigation into his involvement into former Officer Skeeter Manos’ embezzlement of $120,ooo from a fund for the families of 4 slain officers.  Wurts was the president of the Police Union at the time while Manos was the Treasurer.  Tacoma Police investigated Wurts but found no basis for criminal charges.  Lakewood Police then did an internal investigation which led to his termination.  For up-to-date news accounts of this story, photos and to post a comment, please access the links below:

01/02/2013 – Lakewood police officer, friend of Skeeter Manos, fired for conduct

01/02/2013 – Lakewood officer connected to embezzling scheme fired

01/02/2013 – Lakewood Officer Terminated for Misconduct After Investigation of Theft from Police Funds

02/08/2012 – Lakewood officer accused of embezzling from fund

02/08/2012 – Charge: Treasurer pilfered Police Guild fund for fallen Lakewood officers

02/09/2012 – Wash. cop Skeeter Timothy Manos accused of stealing over $120K from fund for families of slain officers

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