Japanese Police taking down rogue drones with new drone

Police in Tokyo, Japan are trying to catch rogue drones with a net that is carried by another drone.

According to NBC News, the drone, which is expected to be in service this month, will be used to stop suspicious-looking drones that fly into restricted airspace close to government buildings.

The police decided to employ the new tactic after a drone with small traces of radiation landed on the roof of Prime Minister Shinz? Abe’s office in April.

A senior officer in Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police Department said, “Terrorist attacks using drones carrying explosives are a possibility.”

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, the drone will carry a net that is 10 feet long and about 7 inches wide.

The drone is not only expected to allow the police to prevent drones from entering restricted airspace, it will also prevent the drones from falling to the ground where it can cause property damage or injure pedestrians.

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  1. Maybe 7 feet wide, not 7 inches?

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