Cemetery Owner Sues FHP Trooper Who Shot Him

Daniel Cole, 13 years with the patrol, has been investigated by internal affairs 10 times.

Daniel Cole, 13 years with the patrol, has been investigated by internal affairs 10 times.

Clifford Work, a cemetery owner who was shot by an 0n-duty FHP Trooper, has filed a lawsuit against the trooper who shot him, Dan Cole.  Cole had knocked on a shed door where Work was asleep, waking Work.  Work thinking he was being robbed, opened the door with his Glock 30 in his hand and was blinded by light from a car.  Cole shot at Work 15 times and hit him once in the leg  with an AR-15 with a laser site.  Cole stated that he was in fear of his life and was just “try to get out of the way of the bullet” even though Work never fired a shot.

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  1. Dead men tell no tales, Did trooper announce he was law officer when knocking on door. ??

    I was recently at a gun show in Orlando, Florida. A blackmale , dressed in FHP Auxiliary uniform was at the entrance, together a a uniformed trooper checking attendees for firarms.

    I gave the Aux. My retired Orange County DEputy Firearm Certification Id. together with my D L.

    The aux. demanded that I unholster my .45. I was reluctant to do it , and hessitated, a few seconds.
    I was surprised, and dumfounded,as to why would he demand that I draw my .45. I was aware that behind me was a unformed trooper, that would mistake my draw of a .45 as a hostile move towards the Aux. , and Could misakenly shoot me in the back, and rightly so, an honest mistake. I would be dead, or gravely wounded if I survived, and what would the Aux. state, ? That I drew on him, un provoked !! to justify himself, and the other trooper As all of this went thru my mind in a flash, I wasbrouught back to reality, when the strong grip of the AUX. on my shoulder sqeezed hard. This time
    with very hard sqeeze, and determined look on his face, demanded I draw my .45. I very slowly drew my auto from its holster, and layed on the table in front of us. I always carry condition one, that is round in chamber, hammer back, safety on ! 911 do no good to carry with empty chambers, if you are not familiar, never carry one period. Now the aUX. picks up the .45, withe muzzle to hundreds of attendees, offs the safety, and lets the chambered round fall onto thew table. 1. suppose a round had gone off, for sure one of the attendees would have been struck !. There were many children attending that day. 2. the shot would have brought an army of unifoms . The trooper behind me would have shot me first, believing I was shooting at the AUx. or I could have been shot by the AUX. Thinking now it was what the AUX. was looking for , maybe. If not. then sure lack of training is obvious, lack of gun safety. The iniformed trooper then cleared me, for entery into the gun show, which I nervously attended , leaving early, and vervous. A deputy Sheriff for 24- years. and having attended many gun shows, in iniform and off duty, never have I had an extremely dangerous experience as this. Please train your troopers so they can respond well to retired leos. in the future, before we all ahve something ,ore to lament.

  2. Trooper D Cole is still on the force after all the events and accounts he has been involved in!! I have had an encounter with him involving a traffic accident and he was very intimidating and very abusive of his badge. He lied to his Sargent ,Mr Ada about what he said to me and his demeanor towards me so now fhp trooper D Cole has another IA investigation going into his file. How many innocent people have to suffer from this BAD patrolman and how Many tax dollars have to be spent on investigations of D Cole and or lawsuits against him before the real truth comes out that there is a problem with his actions and demeanor to citizens is brought to the correct people’s attention???? He needs a reminder that he is a public servant and only a fhp patrolman NOT the judge , jury , prosecutor and or executioner. ……. there isn’t any reason for D Cole to still be behind the wheel of a patrol car or out in public. He needs to be confined to a desk job without a gun and away from the public to keep the public safe from him.. I don’t want to be the one to say it but it’s only a matter of time before D Cole makes news headlines agian for being abusive of the badge he wears. Caution to all who encouter..

    • John
      I feel for you, I also know that sooner or later another tragedy will occur because of this abusive trooper,
      Be glad you survived your interaction with him
      Stay safe!

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