Cop disciplined for ‘mis-gendering’ transgender woman on traffic citation

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida – Fort Lauderdale police officer James Brinton is in hot water for a reckless driving ticket he wrote to a transgender citizen who identifies as a female.

Fort Lauderdale’s police department may impose disciplinary for a Jan. 28 encounter between Officer Brinton and Shelby Kendall, who was caught drag racing a Chevrolet Camaro. He checked the “male” box on a ticket despite a Florida’s driver’s license stating otherwise.

“If I’ve done everything I need to do for the state of Florida to recognize me as a female, he doesn’t have a right to purposely mis-gender me,” the 48-year-old told the Sun Sentinel Friday. “It was inappropriate and kind of bullying and sends a message to the transgender community.”

A complaint was filed four days later and the case was brought before the Citizens Police Review Board Monday.

The Citizens Police Review Board hearing was held Monday July 11, 2017 where the board decided Officer Brinton should receive a written reprimand for this incident. The board also decided that more training is needed for officers to address these types of issues in the future.

“I think it’s fair,” said board member Marc Dickerson. “It’s a matter of training and the officers need training.”

“The Fort Lauderdale Police Department is committed to the equal treatment of all of our neighbors and visitors,” Police Chief Rick Maglione said in a statement. “Furthermore, we endeavor to take appropriate action if there are incidents discovered where it is alleged we veered from that position. I believe the department’s actions concerning the investigation before the Citizens’ Police Review Board clearly illustrates our commitment.”

The report filed against Officer Brinton said he declined to re-write the ticket after the driver protested because the original copy was saved in the system and printed, the newspaper reported.

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  1. Ridiculous beyond belief. I’d go find a different job, different jurisdiction if I was that officer.

  2. John Chrysostom

    Jesus why are so many cops snowflakes these days. “Aww the big bad mean Transgender woman got upset when I bullied her.” Sack up. You are a cop. Start respecting yourself and your profession by acting like a decent human.

  3. Clinton's Body Count

    People should not be punished for acknowledging reality. Refusing to humor the mentally ill is not a crime.

  4. We decided to cover this story on the LEO Round Table law enforcement talk show. Here’s the link in case you want to check it out:

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