Clearwater Police Lieutenant Retires To Avoid Being Fired Over Abuse Of DAVID System

Lt Richard Crean

A Clearwater Police Lieutenant has retired to avoid being fired.  An internal investigation showed that Lt Richard Creen, improperly accessed the law enforcement database known as DAVID improperly as many as 100 times in a 2 year period.  He checked the records of 54 people, including the wives of fellow officers, a local tv personality, and his ex-wife’s boyfriend.  Crean is now facing a demotion to Sgt and a 5 day suspension.  For up-to-date news accounts of this story, photos, videos and to post comments, please access the links below:

Clearwater Police Department Message Board

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Message Board

07/01/2013 – Clearwater officer accused of misusing database forced to retire

05/17/2013 – Clearwater officer to be disciplined for improper use of database

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12/11/2012 – Clearwater police commander under investigation is connected to other complaints

11/30/2012 – Pinellas deputy under investigation over questionable texts to woman

11/28/2012 – Clearwater police officer could face felony charge for misuse of law enforcement database

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