2 of 3 Fired Police Officers Settle With Town Of Medley

Former Medley police lieutenant Joe Olmedo (right), pictured here with his attorney Pepe Herrera

Former Medley police lieutenant Joe Olmedo (right), pictured here with his attorney Pepe Herrera

Two of the three police officers from the Town of Medley, FL that were ordered fired by the Chief of Police after their alleged participation in a cover up of a traffic accident involving one of the officers have settled their lawsuits against the town.  Chief Jeanette Said-Jinete ordered the firings of Lt Joseph Olmedo, Sgt Jorge Perez, and Officer Freddy Romero after Perez turned left in front of another vehicle causing a traffic accident.  Perez and Romero decided the driver was drunk and processed him as a drunk driver and charged him with the accident.  The driver then blew a .00% on the Intoxalyzer and the driver was released.  The insurer for the city raised red flags stating that the evidence did not coincide with the report.  For up-to-date news accounts of this story, photos and to post a comment, please access the links below:

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  1. The termination was unlawful.

    With the upcoming municipal elections occurring, the Chief of Police made extraordinary strides to remove her competition by concocting this story. Her competition you ask?? Lt. Joseph Olmedo !! Already a Town favorite amongst Councilpersons, the Community and the rest of the Officers.

    At no time was there a conspiracy to cover anything up. So much so that the Defendant in question was taken to the Hialeah PD station and then returned to the scene and released on his own recognizance once it was determined that driver fatgue, not alcohol, was the source of the Defendant’s impairment.

    Additionally, the driver had a suspended driver license. The Defendant and Officer Romero crash as a result of the Defendant entering this section of roadway from an illegal direction, causing the crash to occur as a result of reduced visibility

    With the authority and blessing of the current Mayor and under the direction of Town Attorney Mike Pizzi, Chief Said-Jinete wifully violates the Town Charter and has the three officers terminated after arriving at her very own conclusion about the case.

    As follows (excerpt of Town Charter):

    Sec. 35-29. – Removal of personnel.

    All police officers serving under the Chief of Police or any other personnel of the Police Department shall serve at the will of the Town Council and may be removed with or without cause as a majority of the Town Council shall decide, the majority being the affirmative vote of three Councilmembers.

    This is CLEAR!

    The investigation of the crash was never the real reason for their termination. This is a smokescreen to cover up her real motives.

    Why did the media not expose her wilful violation of the Town Charter as reflected above? The Town Council did not meet and decide these Officer’s fates in accordance with law.

    The truth must be told and exposed to the public. There was no cover up, in fact, a careful and forensic review of the entire case may even expose that the conspiracy lies on behalf of the Chief, the Town Attorney and their chosen cronies, to remove Lt. Olmedo and prohibit the incoming Council from appointing Olmedo as Chief and removing her for confirmed and wilfilfull malfeasence.

  2. Who writes this? Why don’t they fill in the extreme amount of missing truthful facts about this case? This is clearly not done by a true investigative reporter.

  3. Dear L.C. Garcia,

    I completely agree with your comment. The extreme amount of missing truthful fact about this case. The Chief’s brother-in-law who works for Medley as a police officer was a crustal part of the investigation, and was never investigated, suspended or fired. He told the Sergeant that the driver Fraga admitted to have been drinking that night, and smelled like alcohol. The Chief’s brother-in-law officer for Medley Fernando Perez performed the FST and the driver Fraga failed. Again, Mr. Garcia thank you for allowing me to provide you with missing and truthful facts about the case.

    Caso Cerrado

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