Brazilian Highway Patrol officer moonlights as popular Instagram model

Brazilian Highway Patrol officer Mari Ag, 30. Credit: Instagram.

Brazilian Highway Patrol officer Mari Ag, 30. Credit: Instagram.

Another brave female police officer is moonlighting as an Instagram model, this time in one of South America’s most dangerous countries.

30-year-old Brazilian Highway Patrolwoman Mari Ag serves the citizens of Rio de Janeiro, the 2nd largest city of a country that sees about 60,000 murders a year and is rife with cartel crime.

Credit: Instagram.

Credit: Instagram.

Patrolling the roads with submachine guns and aging battle rifles, Ag also has nearly 14,000 Instagram followers who make some of her photos go viral, particularly when she’s wearing a bikini or is on vacation.

“In Brazil, we’re all about bikinis,” she said, commenting on her peak physical fitness.

Credit: Instagram.

Credit: Instagram.

Claiming her country is in a state of civil war, she takes great pride in defending her fellow citizens in a country with high crime and restrictive gun ownership.

“The place I work has the worse criminality in the city, so we fight against heavily armed gangs that rob, kill, rape and terrify the community and the users of the federal highway,” she noted.

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Credit: Instagram.

When not on duty, Ag carries a pink Taurus TCP in the diminutive .380 ACP, the highest allowed semi-automatic pistol caliber allowed for civilian use.

According to the Daily Mail, Brazil -which boasts 21 out of the world’s 50 most dangerous cities- recently lost two officers in Rio de Janeiro to gunfire, having been ambushed while on patrol.

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