The LEOAFFAIRS.COM™ system of Moderation is recognized around the country and has been featured on MSNBC and in The Washington Post.  It encompasses the use of Moderators, Monitors, Staff Moderators, a Training Moderator and an Executive Moderator.  In November of 2008 we made it even better by developing the new position of Monitor.  To read more about this system that we hope becomes a standard across the country, read on:


Moderators are unpaid volunteers assigned to Message Boards.  They are responsible for enforcing the Terms of Use by Deleting inappropriate content, Editing content on rare occasions and Submitting the worst offenders for Banning.  Moderators should read through new content on their respective Message Boards on a daily basis and, when this is impractical, the use of additional Moderators can be arranged.  Moderators should also access the Moderator Forum at least weekly for updates, training, etc.  Moderators are also encouraged to post frequently as the Moderator, Themselves and Anonymously.  Moderators’ identities are strictly confidential and, those whose identities have been compromised will be removed.  Moderators DO NOT have access to IP addresses.


Monitors are unpaid positions that enjoy nearly the same powers and abilities that Moderators do, except that any action they take is Temporary.  Their actions will be reviewed by the Moderator or Staff Moderator and, if deemed appropriate and within our Terms of Use, made Permanent.  Monitors’ identities will also be known.  This will provide agencies with the opportunity to appoint employees to this position for the more timely removal of violations.  The list of these individuals and their contact information can be published so users can utilize them on a moment’s notice to delete/edit/ban a post.  Agencies can appoint up to 10 Monitors for their Message Board.  Monitors found taking action not authorized in our Terms of Use will be removed and the actions they took will be reversed.  The one requirement for any agency wishing to add Monitors is that they cannot block access to LEOAFFAIRS.COM™ from their servers or workstations.  Monitors DO NOT have access to IP addresses.


Staff Moderators enjoy the same powers and abilities that Moderators do, except that they are not restricted to any one Message Board.  Staff Moderators have free roam on the LEOAFFAIRS.COM™ Message Boards and can enforce the Terms of Use as deemed necessary.  Staff Moderators can fill in and moderate a Message Board when a permanent Moderator is absent, on vacation or when additional help is needed.  This is a highly coveted position.  Staff Moderators DO NOT have access to IP addresses.


The Training Moderator is responsible for teaching the skills necessary to become an effective Moderator.  He can deliver this training one-on-one or via our private Moderator Forum.


The Executive Moderator is in charge of all Moderators and Message Boards.  His responsibilities include the hiring and firing of Moderators, placement of Monitors and adding Message Boards.  His duties are too numerous to list here, but the Executive Moderator is currently

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  1. As a graduate of the U.S. Army military police school at Ft. Gordon, GA, it was drummed into our heads that we were”of the troops and for the troops”. The meaning was clear that since we came from the troops, we were not better than they were and it was our job to support them by protecting and serving and leading by example. As a civilian police officer, the responsibilities and obligations are no different and the requirement to set the example is just as important. If we are to earn the respect and trust of the citizens that we serve, we must set the example and obey the law, just as we require of them. Because of my position, I cannot give my real name or email address and therefore they are not correct.