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Florida deputy arrested for leaking security footage to TMZ


A Broward County Deputy involved in Florida’s Fort Lauderdale shooting in January has been arrested for reportedly leaking the infamous security footage to TMZ.com, sources say.

47-year-old Deputy Michael Dingman turned himself in at BCSO HQ in Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday morning. He is accused of unlawfully giving the video to TMZ, according to an arrest report.

Broward County seems most concerned about whether or not Dingman was paid for the footage, something Broward Sheriff Scott Israel brought up in a Wednesday news conference, mere hours after Dingman turned himself in.

“When I found out that a video had been released and that the suspect was one of our own, I was very angry,” Israel said. “At the end of the day, this is about one deputy who chose to tarnish the badge. TMZ has a history of giving out payments, but we were unable to confirm if any money exchanged hands. We’ve probably gone as far as we can. We’d love to know more, but I think we’re at the end of the road in that respect.”

However, arrest reports show Dingman told a detective during the investigation that he didn’t make a dime off of the leak.

“Do you guys think I made money on this thing?” he asked. “Because if so, I didn’t. You can search my bank records if you’d like, but you aren’t going to find anything.”

When pressed for interview after posting bond, Dingman told the Sun-Sentinel to “Stay away” from him.


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