Massive explosion, fire at house in New Hampshire just after officers arrived

Police in Salem, New Hampshire were attempting to make contact with a person inside a home when they began smelling gas.

Moments later, a large explosion blew out the windows of the house as it quickly became fully engulfed in flames.

No one had lived in the home for at least a year, a neighbor told an ABC 5 reporter.

During the fire, several loud ‘shots’ were heard. ABC 5 is reporting that officers had responded to the home in the past and seized several weapons from a man who lived there.

Salem Police Department posted a video of the scene to Twitter, where the shots can be heard.

Police never fired their weapons during the incident and it hasn’t been determined if shots were being fired from inside the home or it was just ammunition going off in the fire.

No officers or other first responders were injured, according to ABC 5.

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