Q. How long has LEOAFFAIRS.COM been online?
A. We went online October 1, 2002
Q. Is this site just for Law Enforcement Officers?
A. While LEOAFFAIRS.COM is designed for Law Enforcement Officers, it is also accessible to the general public. As a result, it is an open system. We will also, from time-to-time, create areas for special groups related to law enforcement (i.e. LEO Only Section, Spouse Support Message Board, Dispatchers Message Board, etc.). Citizens are more than welcome to access the site and even to post in the Message Boards as long as they meet our Terms of Use, their actions are reasonable and they do not interfere with the presence of our target audience.
Q. Why are names and passwords not required in the Message Boards?
A. This website was created to protect the rights of Law Enforcement Officers. The Message Boards not only act as a sounding board for officers, but also instill a system of checks and balances between officers and their respective agencies. Unfortunately, LEOs all too often suffer repercussions for simply exposing problems within an agency that cannot be corrected through any other medium. The capability of posting anonymously provides officers with a layer of protection they would not otherwise have. Of course, the posts need to adhere to our Terms of Use and should be of such a caliber that the anonymity is needed.
Q. Has LEOAFFAIRS.COM™ considered an “online service” type of format, requiring a name and password, so that only Law Enforcement Officers could access the website?
A. Yes, but the result would be diminished activity on the website and postings in the Message Boards. Another inherent problem would be verifying a user’s status as an active LEO. Some agencies have thousands of sworn employees these days, making this task all but impossible. It would also compromise the confidentiality of any Moderator(s) assigned to verify such users. The website should be as accessible as possible, including through search engines, to anyone needing the information we have online. There are also distinct advantages in granting access to the general public, media personnel and politicians.
Q. How secure are the identities of posters in the Message Boards?
A. Everyone is ultimately responsible for what they post. We do, however, hold our user’s IP addresses as confidential. That said, we could be forced to release a user’s IP address in the event a law was broken and a legal subpoena was served against us. If we were compelled to provide such IP information on a user, the investigating agency would normally still have to serve another subpoena to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) who owns the IP address in order to find out who was using that IP address on a specific date and time. It is important to remember to not break any criminal or civil laws (i.e. defamation of character) when posting.
Q. What costs are associated with accessing LEOAFFAIRS.COM™ and how does it pay for itself?
A. LEOAFFAIRS.COM™ is completely FREE to users. There has never been any charge to access the site and we intend to keep it that way. We generate income in the form of advertising which pays for the site. All users are encouraged to utilize our advertisers for services. Advertising information can be obtained in our Advertising section.
Q. My agency is not listed in your Message Boards and I want to add it. What do I do?
A. Go to our “Add Your Agency Today!!!” section on the main page, fill out the attached form and submit it to us. It’s that simple!
Q. How are Moderators selected, are they sworn officers and do they work for the agencies they moderate?
A. We are very selective over our Moderators and they do NOT have access to IP information.  If they moderate a law enforcement Message Board, they are almost always a sworn LEO. While this is true, they are not always employed by the agencies they moderate. Moderator identities are kept confidential for obvious reasons. Unless they are a Staff Moderator, they only have Moderator access to the particular Message Board that they are moderating.
Q. Why do I have problems seeing a confirmation code when registering as a new user in the Message Boards or when making a post?
A. LEOAFFAIRS.COM™ utilizes state-of-the-art software in order to make your online experience the best possible.  For your protection, our software contains anti-Spam and anti-Hacker security components to help make this possible.  As a result, the requirement of such confirmation codes is now becoming standard in the industry.  For the most part we have found that users experiencing problems seeing confirmation codes are not using fully compatible browsers (i.e. AOL’s browser).  The most common solution is to, after making your connection online, minimizing your incompatible browser and utilizing either an original version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
Q. How do I get unbanned if my access to the Message Boards has been blocked?
A. Simply access the “I’ve Been Banned” section in the Message Board drop-down window and follow the instructions.
Q. How do I report violations or abuse of the Terms of Use?
A. Simply access the “Violations / Abuse” section in the Message Board drop-down window and follow the instructions.
Q. Is the use of my name on your Message Boards without my permission a violation of your Terms of Use?
A. In short, “No”, but it does depend on how your name is used.  Simply using your name within a post is not a violation.  However, if you have a unique name and someone is posting while using your name in an apparent attempt to make others believe it is actually you making the post, this is a violation of our Terms of Use and grounds for the post to be Deleted and the poster Banned.  If the use of your name incorporates one of the defined violations of our Terms of Use (i.e. Slam, Libel, etc.), it of course would violate our Terms of Use and be subject to Deletion.


  1. Tried to register. What dose “VI” stand for in the equation?

  2. Johnathan Smallwood

    What’s up with NPR Animal Control all of a sudden. I thought the county handled that stuff?

  3. What law gives LEO the right to post in LEO only forums and the public like me not being able to see what they are saying. This is not intelligence, but the web is public. with no expectation of privacy. I find this to be discriminatory and think about challenging your terms since they are not inline with the law on LEO activities. They are not special and should expect no privacy in posting. I look forward in your response.

    • We have the right to limit any area that we want on our web site. We choose to leave 99% of it open to the public and only keep 1% of it private. Police Officers do need their areas to discuss things out of the public eye.

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