Abilene officer murdered at home in planned, coordinated attack by ‘multiple parties’

Abilene PD officer Don Allen

Abilene PD officer Don Allen


Yet another officer has been killed this week in what is being described as having been planned by multiple parties to kill an Abilene police officer in his home.  The slain officer has been identified as Don Allen by the chief of police.  According to a local news source, Big Country Homepage, a search warrant for cell tower information included the following:

This ruling isn’t official, but a direct quote from the documents reads, “communication occurred between multiple parties to plan and carry out the murder. [The officer filing the warrant] believes cell towers within the ten mile radius will have captured transaction between the suspects who were involved in this murder.”

Little information has been made available to the public at this point, but it has been released that the FBI, Texas DPS, Texas Rangers and other agencies have joined in the investigation. Authorities have said this was not a random targeting of a police officer.

“His family is heartbroken, as is our police family,” said an Abilene police spokesman according to WFAA.

We will update this story as information becomes available.  Full press release from Abilene PD below.


OFFICER DEATH INVESTIGATION ABILENE, TX – On August 31, 2015, the Clyde Police Department received a 9-1-1 call from a south side residence shortly after 7 pm indicating a man had been found deceased in the home. When police arrived, they found the body of off-duty Abilene Police Officer Don Allen. He was the only person inside the residence when found by family members. The manner of death was clearly suspicious, so the Clyde Police Department contacted the Abilene Police Department and Texas Rangers for assistance. All three agencies and the FBI have now been working through this investigation non-stop, and we will continue until those responsible are taken into custody. This investigation is being treated as a homicide. At this time, there does not appear to be any danger to members of the Clyde community, nor is there any indication that random law enforcement personnel are being targeted.

I will defer all other questions about this investigation to the Texas Rangers, of whom Ranger Shane Morrow is primary. My primary purpose of this media conference is to give Abilene a keen understanding of the great man and great peace officer that we lost yesterday. Before Abilene hired Don, he was working as an officer in Cisco, Texas. He had been with that agency for a year and 5 months. What really impressed us about Don was the fact that he applied for Abilene and indicated he wanted to go through our full police academy, versus an abbreviated lateral academy. This entailed another long and grueling six months of training. He completed the training, and in doing so gained lifelong friends and tremendous respect for fully adopting Abilene’s core values. Officer Don Allen graduated from Police Academy Class 51 along with 14 other officers. As a peace officer, he had accrued 1,400 training hours. His total service time as a Texas Peace Officer was 3 years and 3 months.

Officer Allen is survived by his parents of Clyde, as well as two brothers and a sister. This family is heartbroken over the loss of their loved one, as is our police family. Parents should not have to bury their children, and this family certainly needs our love and prayers during this time. Officer Allen was engaged to be married, having proposed to his fiancé on July 12th. The Police Department, Police Association, Police Spouses Association, and our Chaplain have worked together to comfort these family members during this time. Visitation is set for Thursday, September 3rd from 5 to 7 pm in the Chapel at Beltway Park Church, located at 4009 Beltway South, Abilene. Services will then be Friday, September 4th at 10 am a


  1. Texas has the death penalty for police killers.

    • Yeah! That’s why the low life that mudered the Houston officer should just have a bullet put between his eyes. Eye for an eye.

      • O can pardon them but they’re not smart enough to hide.

      • This is getting ridiculous. How is it that the people doing this, and the ones supporting officer death, expect to be protected if the protection establishment falls/ fails?
        Do they/you believe the Murderers are going to be any more Just than the police??
        Maybe they do have corruption points.[Im not here to debate that.] Just trying understand what Ideology you think will replace the current law? Because the only ones I can come up with Are a hell of a lot worst.
        And the rally many uses isnt “Change the police” its F’em.
        again What plan does anyone in this mind frame have as a replacement?
        [The best being Militant USA, sure you get protection then, but at the cost of liberties.]
        I promise you Ill protect myself is not the answer, if protection agencies fall. That would just turn into eventual Tribalism.
        [Yes i’m speaking on extremes but thats how society works, when one thing goes down it domino’s to one extreme or the next.]
        Lord knows what one would say when they are actually bossed around by a dictator…-Nothing because he wont let you speak…

        • Which is exactly why so many people – not just “conspiracy theorists” – believe the powers behind all the racist ideology, divisiveness, etc. over the past 6 years, are deliberately hoping to provoke a breakdown of society, to the point of anarchy. “Hope & change” was just a smokescreen: they do not just want to change our society, they want to break it down completely. Marxist philosophy teaches that the only way to bring about the drastic changes needed for communism to take effect, is to completely overthrow the old society, so that the “new society” can be built up from scratch. Of course, we’ve seen how well all those communist “revolutions” have worked out elsewhere, in the long run [or the short run, for that matter, for all those who got executed because they stood in the way of “progress”!]…but since when have starry-eyed idealists ever let a hint of ‘reality’ deter them?

          • This is precisely why if they “get rid of all the guns” the criminals will still be killing us with guns. I don’t get how people can’t wrap their heads around the fact that criminals don’t have legally issued guns that they got from a gun shop, they bought it from a drug dealer who got it with a smuggled shipment of drugs.

        • I agree. I’m a practicing Pacifist of 61 years (my Lifetime), but the way things have gotten, I’m about ready to go invest in some projectile protection… There’s way too much BS happening in the world these days, & here as well as the rest. Hehe… It’s time to quit being Repub or Dem, conservative or liberal, & start being American again!

    • Obama will pardon them and/or exonerate them.

      • Don’t be an idiot.

      • Why promote hate? Your heart is being destroyed in that process. Pray for justice and peace… executed by the civil authorities. That prevents pardon and exoneration… protects your own heart from bitterness and hate… and leaves room for compassion and grace.

    • This recent cop murders and riots are the early shots of a race war that will ultimately give the government an excuse to disarm the law abiding public.

      I suspect the current administration secretly gloats over senseless tragedies like this one.

      • I think you underestimate the law abiding citizens. We wouldn’t act out and start killing, vigilante style. The oath I took years ago instilled a sense of duty that remains to this day. I’m sure many vets feel the same way. We will defend ourselves from all enemies foreign and domestic. Obama could never use the military against us. I’m confident they wouldn’t comply.

  2. Now our law enforcement needs us to have their backs. If you hear or see ANYTHING that can help catch the animals who are murdering them or that can identify a threat to them PLEASE report it. ‪#‎BlueLivesMatter‬ ‪#‎AllLivesMatter‬

  3. Sickening. My condolences to his family and colleagues.

  4. I pray our government will see this as terrorist attacks on our Law enforcement! Something has to be done!

  5. “nor is there any indication that random law enforcement personnel are being targeted.”

    The random law enforcement agent found dead in his living room is indication of what exactly?

    • I don’t believe that the investigators believe this particular incident to be random. From what I gather they believe the perpetrators specifically targeted THIS officer. So other officers who aren’t the deceased are not at risk. At least, not from this group of suspects. All LEO should be particularly on their toes in the current high tension social climate. Stay safe to the boys and girls in blue.

    • It is an indication that he was specifically targeted.

    • Ken you sir are a moron. Please go crawl up Hilary’s Pantsuit leg.

    • Good question Ken. I was wondering the same thing.

    • I would say that hopefully they are holding back info and they know that him being an officer was not the motive. I have to hope that’s the case. Otherwise, they are putting officers and the general pubic at risk by advising that they do not need to be more vigilant than normal. I have family in the APD so this hits closer to home than I like to admit.

    • That he was specifically attacked.

    • Do you live under a rock? Cops are being executed and there is blood on the hands of the president and former AG

  6. RIP … Wait I know this type of “off duty” premeditated murder plot … it’s classified as a “Personal Problem” by federal management as the #FBI and #USDOJ well KNOWS. A COLD HARD #FACT.

  7. So when a cop kills a person, they get a fair trial and a chance to explain.(and paid vac) But when a COP dies its instantly homicide? Shouldnt his killeers get a “paid vacation” until they are 100% PROVEN to be guilty? Its odd. Seems to just work 1 way……

    • Homicide means that a person killed another person. So anytime anyone kills another person it is considered a homicide. Saying this is being investigated as a homicide basically just means they don’t believe it was accidental or that it was a suicide. There is no guilt or innocence associated with the word itself.

    • You clearly have no idea what the difference is between protecting the public from the ilk of society and an act of murder. 99.9% of suspects killed by police resisted arrest, attacked the officers, and had criminal histories that read like the dictionary. Either you have falling for the false narrative of Blackcriminalsmatter or you’re a thug yourself. God Bless the police in this country!

    • Seems to me in most cases the ones killing cops are on a life-long paid vacation. It’s called wellfare.

    • When a LEO kills someone in the line of duty while responding to a 911 call, after a high speed chase in which the criminal has already showed deadly intent with their vehicle or when they attack a uniformed officer that is wearing a gun….THAT situation and killing is massively different than thugs entering the home of a LEO with an intent and plan to kill you MORON.

    • You think cops go to work each day thinking “Man, I hope I get to kill someone today!”? If you can’t SEE the difference in these situations that have been in the media, an explanation would be wasted on you.

    • Well John1, there is a difference in the killings. An officer involved killing has to be investigated and the officer is not usually out there looking to kill someone like these animals are doing. Now I am not saying that there have not been some officer involved shootings that are not wrong (so don’t get me wrong on that), because there have and some have been obvious and they will pay for that. But these killings lately are clearly someone seeking out an officer and killing them in cold blood. When an officer starts his patrol, I don’t think he is thinking, “who can I kill today”. Unfortunately, there have been situations that led to bad choices made by a couple of the thousands of officers that deal with the people they deal with every day. And what is interesting, I have never seen anyone go to jail that cooperates with the police unless they were already breaking the law. The lack of respect and cooperation has gotten out of hand.

    • Are you serious? I can not even begin to comprehend the evil that exists in your heart!

    • Please take a moment to think about what you just said…

      It is not unusual for a police officer to be place in a situation where he/she needs to use their firearms to protect themselves, their fellow police officers, and civilians. Sometimes, this leads to the death of an assailant. To put those circumstances on the same level as someone who kills for personal gain, or worse yet, fun is just asinine.

    • It’s early but that’s the dumbest thing so far today. I’m sure there will be worse as the day progresses but you sir took the lead.

    • John, when a human dies it is considered a homicide until proven otherwise. Paid vacation? You have no idea of the stress that goes along with an in the line of duty shooting. Finally, here in America, everyone gets their day in court.

    • You’re an idiot. Sounds like you need a permanent vacation

    • They do get a “paid vacation.” In prison, waiting to be put to death for targeting and killing an officer. You’re a douche.

    • Yep!!!! on cop and Hell No on bad guy.

    • Most of the “killeers” have been on paid vacation all their lives……you know, some old lady’s welfare.

    • Too bad LE hasn’t killed you. I hope they do, and soon.

    • You need a job to get paid vacation.

    • John 1 ….. this guy was “one” that makes up “the thin blue line” between law abiding, good Americans……. and scum bag murdering punks! Murderers are entitled to a fair trial…… hmmm….. that IS the American “way”….. and that was part of what he did his job to protect….. shame on you for your attitude!

    • Not a problem…. When the A.. Hole who murdered this Officer of the Law, he will receive a fair Trial… and will get an all paid trip to prison with 3 hots and a cot. Later he will get to sit in the Electric Chair while they flip the switch and die and the electric bill will be sent to his Next of Kin….. Ain’t this a great system of justice.

    • You are an idiot. Attempting to apprehend criminals and having bleeding-heart (criminal) elements scream unfair is a lot different than a man found dead in his home.

    • You’re an idiot. Hopefully a cop will be getting a “paid vacation” because of you one day soon. Keep living and justifying the life of crime….it will catch up to you!

    • John1 your a piece of shit!

    • John1….you are an idiot!

    • John1……the fact that you cannot even spell correctly tells me alot about your level of education,or lack of one. Secondly,yours is the most ignorant post I have seen on here in quite some time!

    • I think the fact that he was at home and attacked by multiple suspects made it a homicide… Perhaps the individuals who murdered this man would get a “paid vacation” if they were other police officers, but I don’t think they are…

    • What you said was ignorant as hell man, you obviously don’t read well… a planned murder is a lot different than a sudden death dumbass… GET your head out of your ass and open your eyes you might wanna wipe some of the crap coming out out of your mouth as well. You’re clearly a citizen looking for reason to be hateful and disrespectful…. so what I’m getting from this is that you wouldn’t have a problem killing someone? Man you’re retarded.

    • This is getting ridiculous. How is it that the people doing this, and the ones supporting officer death, expect to be protected if the protection establishment falls/ fails?
      Do they/you believe the Murderers are going to be any more Just than the police??
      Maybe they do have corruption points.[Im not here to debate that.] Just trying understand what Ideology you think will replace the current law? Because the only ones I can come up with Are a hell of a lot worst.
      And the rally many uses isnt “Change the police” its F’em.
      again What plan does anyone in this mind frame have as a replacement?
      [The best being Militant USA, sure you get protection then, but at the cost of liberties.]
      I promise you Ill protect myself is not the answer, if protection agencies fall. That would just turn into eventual Tribalism.
      [Yes i’m speaking on extremes but thats how society works, when one thing goes down it domino’s to one extreme or the next.]
      Lord knows what one would say when they are actually bossed around by a dictator…-Nothing because he wont let you speak…

    • Well you see, in the course of an officers job, he may be required to shoot someone. Therefore the reason must be looked into. There is absolutely no legal justification to shoot an officer. But I’m sure this is beyond your comprehension!

    • No it isnt odd prisioners are treated better than 95% of the general public. 3 square meals free food free cable free room and board…so yup a paid vacation while they await trial so shut the hell up! If he wasn’t white and not a cop he would still be alive.

  8. I think that an exception should be made to the “no cruel or unusual punishment” clause just for these guys. Calling them lowlife scum is not adequate. Prayers to the family.

  9. My thoughts and prayers to this mans family and fiancé.
    Godspeed, officers, in your investigation.

  10. Oh my goodness, this is so sad! Prayers for his family! Prayers for the state of our nation when there is such a lack of respect for human life!

  11. #blacklivesmatter. You don’t care when the white cops kill unarmed black men and women. No one who isn’t black cares. The all lives matters weak slogan doesn’t apply to those with MELONIN

    • When you have Only Black Lives Matters chanting “Pigs In a Blanket, Fry them up” at the MN state fair, you get a true sense of who these morons really are. These are the new Leaders of the radical black movement. Not all blacks but the wonderful radicalized idiots that are no better than those in the KKK who hung blacks for being black up to a century or less ago. Truthfully, if they’re found doing anything or caught on any sort of surveillance cameras doing anything, there should be no wasting time for a trial. Trot them out to the nearest tree and hang their dumb a**es. Save the family any more torture and taxpayer the money of a trial and housing these POS for 50 years while they get appeal after appeal. As for these paid vacations, 90% of these cops did nothing wrong and should get paid while their actions are under investigation. Black and don’t want to get killed by a cop. Quit committing crimes or pointing guns (real or fake) at the cops. If you’re that stupid you don’t deserve to breathe.

    • Here are 2013 statistics. if you believe so much in “blacklivesmatter” then you might want to start explaining that to your own people. 90% of blacks are killed by blacks. You are focusing your attention on the wrong race.

      Black or African Americans Murdered 2491
      How many of the 2491 were killed by Whites? = 189 (7.5%)
      How many of the 2491 were killed by Blacks or African Americans? = 2245 (90%)

      Based on the statistics, your blacklivesmatter complain being focused on the whites does not hold any relevance at all and this is clearly a racial attack on white people by blacks.

    • *** MELANIN

    • You are truly a racist!! Maybe there would be fewer lives lost if they merely cooperated with the orders of the officer that made contact with them. Additionally, more white lives are lost at the hands of officers than black, by a near 2 to 1 ratio.
      Stop being a shereple bigot and check the facts before you ignorantly vent.
      Jesus loves you, but I do t.

    • No doubt there are bad cops. There are bad people in all lines of work, all races, all religions, all genders/gender identities, all species of animals, I could go on but I think I’ve made my point. The majority of police are good people who simply want to do their job, help seem people and go home to their families at the end of their day. This anti police sentiment is not productive. We have deep seeded institutional problems that need to be addressed in this country and the finger should point to the rich 1% not cops. We have a for profit prison system that always needs more customers. The cops didn’t design that the rich did. We need more economic opportunities for people in disadvantage areas. This is overlooked and ignored like in Baltimore. Cops didn’t allow that to happen the rich do. We have an insane legal system where being poop almost always equates to more severe penalties. Heck there was an a$$hole in Dallas who got off specifically because he was too rich to understand the consequences of his actions. Again, the rich benefit, not cops. Police have to follow polices put in place by leadership. They may not like no knock warrents. The powers that be put things like that in place. I could go on an on but what’s the point? Most people in this country are too stupid to see the forest for the trees.

    • In 2013, the most recent year that stats are available, cops kill 268 white people. That same year they Killed 147 black people.

      269-147. Get it? Can you see where I am going here or do I need to spell it out for you?

      COPS KILL MORE WHITES THAN BLACKS so your Black lives matter movement is based on a fallacy.

    • Black lives white lives lives period matter cut the bull shot of just black or just white it’s human lives matter

    • You don’t care when the white cops kill unarmed black men and women. No one who isn’t black cares“…

      Well barb you don’t care that reality makes you a liar with this inane post of your’s…

      Are you suffering from The Butterfield Effect: It’s what happens when someone on the Left makes a statement that is laughably ludicrous on its face, yet it reveals what the speaker truly believes — no matter how dumb…

    • Probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard… you know one thing though nobody cares! I don’t care if your white mexican or black you don’t obey authority be prepared for the consequences. Just because your black doesn’t mean your entitled! You have every right a white person has just takes a choice to do it. Get a job, stick around and be a dad you know white privlage stuff shaking my head it’s more like real men stuff!

    • Because the officers aren’t drug dealing gang bangers with a novel for a rap sheet!

    • Take your hate group some where else. This man was not committing crimes like your precious little mike brown or Eric gradner he was in his home. #ALLLIVESMATTER racist person. Go call sharp ton and see how much you will get paid for this.

  12. #blacklivesmatter
    Not a hate group.
    We are tired of white cops so scared of black people, that they are MURDERED, UNARMED!! I can imagine your family dinner conversations. You really think we’re not gonna get fed up?? Think again…

    • #blacklivesmatter
      Nothing more than the black version of the KKK.

    • Wow! They didn’t have arms?

    • Well,why don’t you black people stop killing each other and committing most of the crime, then nothing would be happening to anyone! BlackLivesMatter definitely is a HATE GROUP AND 100% RACIST!!!!!!

    • Honest question: Where does the black lives matter group get that African Americans across the nation are more in jeopardy at the hands of police?

      More Caucasians are killed than African Americans, but I understand that we have to overlay demographics – meaning that with 18-20% of the population being African American, the rate is higher – more African American deaths per 100,000 citizens at the hands of police than Caucasians.


      Shouldn’t we be looking at who the police have contact with? It’s illogical to use everyone in the country – you have to be more refined in the statistical analysis, and stopping at the above is way short.

      If you use the FBI stats showing the demographics of those who shot at police, Caucasians are 1.3 times MORE likely to be shot by law enforcement.

      If you use the stats showing the demographics of convicted violent offenders in the US, Caucasians are 1.7 times more likely to be shot by law enforcement

      I’m not arguing that whites are in more danger or anything. What I am saying is that the stats that BLM uses seem to be falling way short in analysis.

      In short, isn’t it necessary to factor in that criminals are more in jeopardy of being shot at the hands of police, than the average citizen?

    • You cant win Barbie…… you can murder innocent people….. you can march with signs….. you can claim righteous misguided anger….. but God and “we” know you for what you really are….. “lost”….

    • You’re pathetic…..

      • My son is in some hole of a place, stashed away on lockdown. Details of the case are being with held. We can’t even talk to him. It’s like he’s kidnapped. By the way, he’s white and I still don’t need to shoot anybody. God fights our battles better than we ever could.. I have to trust Him.

    • There is no comparison between an officer executed in his home and a thug that gets killed by fighting with police.

    • You need to read the facts and stop listening to the media. If you’re going to make stupid statements, get your facts right ! go live with your blacks and ragheads, the USA will be a better place without idiots like you

    • This is getting ridiculous. How is it that the people doing this, and the ones supporting officer death, expect to be protected if the protection establishment falls/ fails?
      Do they/you believe the Murderers are going to be any more Just than the police??
      Maybe they do have corruption points.[Im not here to debate that.] Just trying understand what Ideology you think will replace the current law? Because the only ones I can come up with Are a hell of a lot worst.
      And the rally many uses isnt “Change the police” its F’em.
      again What plan does anyone in this mind frame have as a replacement?
      [The best being Militant USA, sure you get protection then, but at the cost of liberties.]
      I promise you Ill protect myself is not the answer, if protection agencies fall. That would just turn into eventual Tribalism.
      [Yes i’m speaking on extremes but thats how society works, when one thing goes down it domino’s to one extreme or the next.]
      Lord knows what one would say when they are actually bossed around by a dictator…-Nothing because he wont let you speak…

    • So challenging the black community to kill 10,000 people helps cops not be scared of blacks? This is some backwards ass thinking… Fuck it lets just start a race war. That’s the road we’re heading down right now. I guarantee none of these “experts” have ever been in a “you or me situation.” It’s not easy when everything is moving fast and the adrenaline is flowing. People make mistakes. Cops are people.

    • Maybe you should be fed up with the 8000k you kill of your own. Maybe you should be fed up with 12% of the population committing half of the homicides and violent crime in this country. Keep blaming others and the police!

    • It’s really hard to take your blacklivesmatter seriously when you ignore thousands of black on black killings just to wait for that one white cop on unarmed black teen murder. Please try your best to explain how you choose which black lives “matter”. I’m guessing the little innocent black girl that died from a stray drive by bullet won’t get the same press and attention as the even more innocent Michael Brown, right?

    • We are fed up with your BLM movement and are very close to organizing to shut it down. I for one am sick to death of the preschool chants, the entitlement mentality that all white people owe poc something because of what happened when our ancestors treated your ancestors cruel and unfairly. Get over it! Move on, stop breaking the law and life will go well. If you can’t do that, then whatever happens to you is your own fault. Stop crying and blaming everything on whitey!

    • Yes hate group calling for death to all cops and white people. That is the very definition of a hate group hate crime. You can keep up the whole unarmed black men thing all you want. The fact of the matter is they were criminals committing crimes at the time of the incident with the law not like they were sitting in their home and a cop walked in the door and shot them. You people are trying to hold all of us accountable for what ancestors did 400 years ago quit living in the damn past and grow up. MLKJR did not have the dream you people are living right now this is his nightmare. This is a set back is race relations more than 5o years of progress so you can be thugs and kill cops riot, loot stores, destroy peoples property, burn buildings, and act like spoiled brats throwing a fit. I have a lot of respect for many people who serve in the military and in law enforcement no matter their color because when they serve and protect you become color blind. Maybe if you would learn some respect and lose hate you too would become color blind.

  13. So a small group of well-armed man, following a prearranged, coordinated plan, violently broke into a man’s house unannounced and for no good reason, and the home owner died as a result?

    In what way is this any different from a “no-knock warrant” raid? Except that, usually, the innocent man killed isn’t a cop.

    • Really? You see no difference in one enforcing the law and one breaking the law? Gees. No wonder our country is in the state it’s in.

    • The difference is they have a warrant. They were authorized to break into someone’s home after they had evidence of wrong doing. These men were not.

    • entitled black guy

      Biff, you’re an idiot dude. Really? A warrant to arrest a person wanted for illegal actions isn’t different in your eyes from invading a home to intentionally murder somebody (regardless of hes a cop or not)? You don’t see a difference in that!? Please PLEASE remove yourself from the gene pool!

    • One difference is Due Process in getting the warrant. Another is the intent is not to kill but arrest.

  14. The question that got me to click on the link was “When will this end?” That apparently was just a lure because the story in no way addresses that question. The story does raise a question. Why is police officer’s life more valuable than an ordinary citizen’s life? Anytime an officer is killed, there are multiple agencies involved and massive manhunts. You do not see this same response for an ordinary citizen. That is a shame. All lives are equal and just because you attended a few months of police training and carry a badge does not mean your life has more value than those who go to work at McDonald’s, Chevrolet, or Forbes.

    As to the lure question, truthfully it will never end because there are always going to be criminals versus police. But to calm down the current spate, the law enforcement community needs to prove to the public that it deserves its trust and rebuild the relationship. It is so sad to see on the same day that an officer is killed, that an officer involved shooting is apparently a criminal shooting. The men and women in blue need to destroy the blue wall and weed out the bad actors from their ranks.

    I grew up being told to trust the cops. Cops on patrol handed out baseball cards if we flagged them down. Today, I don’t trust any cop that approaches me. That is a very big loss. I’ve worked with the law enforcement community at all levels. I’ve been on the beat right next to them and I know the crap that an officer goes through. We can work through this and regain the trust that has been lost.

    To the family of Officer Don Allen and all families of slain officers, I offer my condolences and pray that their deaths will be the ones to snap America back to a trusting relationship.

  15. I don’t twitter, but:

    #Cop lives matter


    #All lives matter

    aught to be getting press!!!

  16. Until you force the FBI to investigate the people behind blacklivesmatter and fyf911 that have said at midnight 9/1/15 that more cops would die, and you coincidentally had 2 shot today (chicago / Texas) then you can expect more of this in the future.

    Until you force the FBI to confront blacklivesmatter, you should just put your badge down, and let the FBI deal with the race war that blacklivesmatter is trying to start.


    How many more cops have to die until the FBI stops these people? HOW many more?

    • I agree. The FBI should investigate. This violence against our police department has to stop. I dated a cop, we are still good friends. I am so worried about him being on the streets with this going on. Now the BlackLivesMatter movement needs to step up and denounce this mess if they are not behind it. I have seen footage of rallies where there are chanting kill the pigs fry them like bacon. That crap is so wrong. If they are not for it, then they should have the idiots chanting this mess thrown out. This whole thing of free speech is going to far. If you are in public, making a threat about killing someone, then your behind needs to go to jail. There were two killed in Louisiana this month. A State Trooper in Lake Charles, and a City cop in Sunset, LA. I don’t believe either one of these were related to the BlackLivesMatters. Trooper Vincent who is white, was killed by a white man, Officer Nelson, who is black was killed by a black man who is his cousin. Both men had already killed someone else before they shot and killed the 2 policemen. This madness has to stop. Someone has to step in and put an end to this. I am praying that no more of our brave men and women have to loose their life. That makes 84 LODD in 2015. That is sad and sickening.

  17. Praying for all police officers

  18. Ok went are the members of the New Black Panther Party allowed ttyl make open that’s against police officers ands then officers are beyond assassinated and nothing is being done to these people. Went is the FBI sitting on their ass’s?

  19. Do not be deceived.
    That’s King Pigsh*t’s finger.
    On the trigger.

  20. Am I living in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IN 2015??!!?? I can not believe this is happening. Dear God, u would think we r reading about a 3rd world country. DEAR GOD PLEASE HELP US

  21. Bring back the hangman, a public gallows and a swift sentence.

  22. Obama’s race war is off to a great start!

  23. William R Nicholson

    Praying For Safety Among All Seeking The Perps. Be Swift & Safe , Our Thoughts & Best Wishes For Quick Apprehension of Those Responsible . God Bless You n Yours ……….. Nick , LST-1195

  24. Is it possible officer Allen was a closet homo, and came on to someone he shouldn’t have? I’m getting bad vibes about this.

  25. Time for us to lock and load and go a hunting

  26. ALL LIVES MATTER. This is true…and my heart goes out to the family and friends of slain officers. But things are STILL lopsided.The number of innocent & unarmed Blacks slain due to the fear and hatred of a few cops FAR OUT NUMBER those cops who have died recently. Still that doesn’t make it right to take an innocent White cop’s life. There are those who are not giving this much thought and are blatantly retaliating. I agree with the person who stated that “The men and women in blue need to destroy the blue wall and weed out the bad actors from their ranks.” The few bad apples are causing the whole lot to be viewed as disposable.

  27. My condolences to the officer’s family, fiance, and friends. Who ever is responsible should be executed for this hideous crime.

  28. As a former resident of Abilene and a former police officer myself, I offer my condolences to the Department and to the family. Though I have been away from Abilene for 30 years, I still feel a kinship with the town and its people. RIP brother.

  29. When are black communities going to accept whats going on in their own culture and take ownership of the black on black crime. The little black girl in St. Louis that was killed by a stray bullet when thug gang members coducted a drive by shooting on the wrong house. She was sitting at her dining room table. There’s no outrage for her death. Her life, her dreams, her future mattered. Last year cops killed 247 white men, versus 145 black men. Put your outrage and hatred toward the real problem.

  30. Obama’s silence is sickening while those who protect and serve are being murdered. Sad times we live in.

  31. my change is working…..fuck America

  32. To all you #blacklivesmatter radicals, if you truly believe your life matters more than any other life, then you’re as guilty as the white man was 400 years ago and you’ll be judged by God Himself just as they were. Like it or not ALL LIVES MATTER. We were all created by God in His image and we will all be judged by Him. Hell will be just as hot no matter the color of our skin. As a CHL holder, I for one will be watching the back of every man and woman in blue across the state of Texas every chance I get. I don’t care what color skin is under that uniform. Yes, there are bad cops out there. No one disputes that. But I’ll take a bad cop over a bunch of gun waving, disrespectful, hate-filled thugs any day of the week. I just pray Governor Abbott has the balls to declare these people terrorists and charge them as such since the federal government obviously does not.
    FYI…my grandmother was full blood Cherokee, so our family knows a little about racism and prejudice. But that didn’t happen to THIS generation. Hate changes nothing. Race wars change nothing about the past. Ignorance against ignorance fosters nothing but more ignorance. IMHO.

  33. These murders and riots are the beginning of a race war that will give the government the excuse they’re looking for to disarm the law abiding public.

    The current administration is probably quietly “High Fiving” when terrible things like this happen

    • Truth* carry every where you go because it will be your life or thier life. Sad but true they travel in packs and when you take out the alpha the rest scatter like roaches sometimes you might have to shoot 2 of them. I hate to say it but if they are involved in this stupid BLM movement they think they are invincible but they are just thugs.

      • I carry everywhere that is not screened by a metal detector. Some days that makes me a criminal but what reasonable choice do I have? Before we had a real Governor in this state, I broke the law every day.

  34. This will be pushed as far as the thugs can before the officers revolt and they do have the guns to back themselves up. and they will.

  35. My condolences to the family of slain Officer Allen, his LEO family & friends. It is my opinion that if the powers that be dint take control of this situation the rampant murders will continue and spread to all first responders!! O’bama, I am challenging you to do something or are you still in Alaska re-naming mountains!!?

  36. To Don Allen’s family, I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you on behalf of my family for your loved one’s service and sacrifice. Your pain is more than a statement or a banner for any of us to fly. It is honor and credit to Officer Allen’s life. I am praying for peace for you all.

  37. This is so want Obama wants is for this country to start a racial war, then he declares marshal law and he stays right where he is. Come on people we need to come together as humans and stop all the racial slurs and killings. If we all thought the world was bad 400 years ago and it was don’t get me wrong its not going to compare with what Obama has in store for us all, Black, White, Brown ,Yellow ,green or what ever color.
    The people that are doing this needs to stop or there will be hell to pay.

    God please with the family of this young Man give them comfort give them peace that justice will be served. God please bless this country and get Obama out of office any way is fine.

  38. Time for the Citizens to arm up to ride along with LEOs to provide them personal security. At the least, security while they are Off-Duty, paid for out of the DOJ budget.

  39. He was cheating on his girl and was into some kinky stuff, he died and they freaked out and grabbed stuff and ran..

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