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City officials say Dallas Fallen Officer mural may have to come down


It’s a mural paying tribute to five officers killed during an attack on law enforcement at a Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas on July 7, 2016 — the city says it must come down.

NBC News 5 reports the Last Call Lounge’s owner did not have a permit to use metal siding to construct the 8-foot fence on which the mural was painted, according to a violation notice issued May 25. Code inspectors said the material blocks visibility at a nearby four-way stop.

After receiving the violation notice, Cesar Rodriguez, who operates the lounge owned by his cousin, applied for a permit to build the fence and use the metal siding. He’s also hired workers to move the fence back three feet to increase visibility at the intersection.

Rodriguez installed the siding on a rod iron fence that existed on the property when work began on the mural more than a month ago. He tells NBC News 5 the $2,100 in alterations added to an already expensive project that cost about $15,000.

Flowers, notes and other tokens of gratitude have been left at the mural regularly since it was unveiled Monday, Rodriguez tells NBC News 5, but he says it hurts to know the memorial is at risk.

“I’m frustrated because we tried to do something for the police department. We tried to make the neighborhood look a little bit better,” he tells NBC News 5. “We feel a little bit sad that we’re doing all this for our city, and they don’t see or appreciate that.”

City spokesman Richard Hill responded with a statement after NBC News 5’s query and said inspectors first cited the bar in May after someone complained about the metal fence — before the mural was painted. Inspectors found no permit had been issued.

“Should the violation remain, an additional citation may be issued,” Hill tells NBC News 5.

The mural and fence will be inspected again by the city Aug. 2, according to Hill.


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  1. Dallas officials you suck. Every rule has exceptions and if you can’t find one here you should be removed. I’m sick to death of the negativity and unwillingness to ignore when something is good. SHAME SHAME on you Dallas “politicians.”


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