Police Humor

Florida police department teaches ‘Cane Fu’ course to seniors


Police in a well-known Florida retirement hub are teaching local senior citizens how to defend themselves with walking sticks during a nine-week ...

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VIDEO: Man riding on police cruiser lassos runaway calf

Screen shot from video

A quiet stretch of roadway in Henry County, Tennessee turned into what looked like a rodeo scene yesterday. A cowboy rode on ...

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Video: Man bellyflops onto police car windshield, injures officers during arrest


A Wisconsin man was taken into custody after he was filmed flopping onto a police cruiser’s windshield on New Year’s Eve. Menasha ...

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Video: NFL security guard caught masturbating in front of cheerleaders at game (graphic content)


#SanDiegoChargers Security Masturbating on the field!!! #WTFapp?!?!@nbcsandiego #NBC7 #SanDiego #chargers#yikes! pic.twitter.com/vEwiHwyXou — LOV (@LOV_app) December 20, 2016 Just because security guards are ...

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Criminal masterminds butt-dial 911 from parking lot of restaurant they were about to rob, where the chief was eating dinner

Brothers BBQ and Brewing Co. Credit: Facebook.  Inset - Danville PD Chief Tony Gray.

Two would-be robbers planned to target a restaurant/bar in Danville, Kentucky, that’s frequented by the local police chief. But they didn’t get ...

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Astute Redditor points out that new 5.11 boots leave swastika footprints


A reddit user posted a keen observation about their new boots in the Protect And Serve sub-reddit, a community for law enforcement, ...

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Macaw poses in man’s mug shot after unlucky court appearance


PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A 4-year-old macaw named “Bird” is an instant celebrity after appearing in a posed booking mug shot in ...

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Firefighters sharing ‘intimate moment’ caught on camera

Screen shot from video

Football coaches are often caught slapping their players on the butt to amp them up or congratulate them for a big play. ...

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Fugitive hiding in trunk thanks deputy, calls K-9 “a bad motherf*#er”

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office K-9 officer Khan, a German Shepherd (and bad mofo according to the suspect).

A Sherrif’s deputy in Washington received a “thank you”  from a wanted man after the deputy exercised “great restraint” with his K-9 ...

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