Romance Leads To Firings At Sheriff’s Office

Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco

Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco

A Pasco County Sheriff’s Office Sgt and Crime Analyst are both out of their jobs after it was found that they had sex at the office.  Sgt Stephen Foshey and Crime Analyst Amiee Heinemann were both fired after an investigation into their romance.  Both were married to other department members when it started.  For up-to-date news accounts of this story, photos and to post a comment, please access the links below:

Pasco County Sheriff’s Office Message Board

12/04/2013 - Pasco Sheriff’s employees, Sergeant Stephen Foshey and Crime Analyst Amiee Heinemann fired for affair VIDEO

12/03/2013 - Romance leads to firings at Pasco Sheriff’s Office


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