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Audience: LEOAFFAIRS.COM™ is the Largest Law Enforcement Message Board (Blog) Site on the planet and one of the Largest Law Enforcement Websites of any type in the world with over 1.2 million monthly visitors.  We are host to over 500 law enforcement agencies online in 18 countries. There are approximately 800,000 Law Enforcement Officers and 300,000 Correctional Officers in the United States. There are also approximately 242 International Agencies, 83 Federal Agencies and 5,856 U.S. Agencies. Our success is fueled by the fact that we encourage access and participation between Law Enforcement, the Media and the Public. Our audience includes Mayors, City Managers, County Commissioners, City Councilmen, Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, Command Staff, Law Enforcement Officers, Media Personnel and the General Public.

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