Contest Rules

Contest Rules

The LEOAFFAIRS.COMTM Online Scavenger Hunt is a promotional event.  Contestants (those registering to receive promotional items) are NOT required to be active or retired law enforcement or correctional officers to enter the contest or to receive any prize unless noted.  So, adult (18 years of age or older) civilians can enter this promotional event and receive prizes except for any that are marked for active or retired law enforcement only.  In addition, contestants can only enter the same contest via correct answers one time.  Promotional items are furnished by at least one of the listed advertisers.  The promotional items are donated and delivered to the winner of the event by the affected advertiser at no cost to them (unless noted) and are completely FREE.  The Online Scavenger Hunt is designed to be a monthly reoccurring event with as many winners as we have prizes.  The first winner will have his/her choice of available prizes and the next subsequent winners will have their choice of the remaining prizes, in order, until no prizes are left.  If any prize is designated for an active or retired LEO only, then it can only be claimed by such using the system previously described.  The Online Scavenger Hunt itself consists of up to 5 questions that must be answered correctly by qualified contestants.  The answers to these questions can be found on the affected advertisers’ websites.  Contestants should access the advertisers’ websites from provided links on LEOAFFAIRS.COMTM since some of them have unique URLs dedicated to our website (they track where you came from).  Qualified contestants must email their answers for questions 1 – 5 to by the end of the applicable month.  Contestants are also required to support the promotion by “Liking” LEOAFFAIRS.COMTM and our advertisers on Facebook via the links provided.  Winners will be drawn randomly and must have all questions answered correctly.

The purpose of the Online Scavenger Hunt is not only to promote advertisers on LEOAFFAIRS.COMTM, but to get users to access our advertisers’ websites and become familiar with their products and services.   Users are encouraged to support our advertisers.

LEOAFFAIRS.COMTM reserves the right to use the winning contestant’s name and photograph  (if applicable) for promotional purposes.  LEOAFFAIRS.COMTM does not guarantee the delivery of any promotional item from an advertiser and the rules of the contest can change at any time without notice.  However, the failure of any advertiser to deliver a promotional item within a reasonable amount of time should be reported immediately to LEOAFFAIRS.COMTM via our email address.  Futhermore, LEOAFFAIRS.COMTM assumes no liability for any damages associated with this promotion or these products.  LEOAFFAIRS.COMTM and its advertisers cannot be held responsible for failure to deliver items that are not legal for the winner to receive.  For additional disclaimer information, please refer to the following link:

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