Remembering 9/11



A series of bullet points containing my personal experiences leading up to and after September 11, 2001:

  • In 1984, while serving in the United States Marine Corps, I attended a class on terrorism given by a German GSG 9 (Counter-Terrorism & Special Operations Unit of the German Federal Police) colonel who stated that they used flopper squads to shoot anyone that had already been shot once.  When asked how he could get away with doing such a thing, his answer was “We deal with terrorism every day.  One day it will come to you.  America is too soft on terrorism.”
  • In 1992 I conducted an investigation with the Florida Department of Enforcement which involved a clothing store owner who was selling counterfeit cassette tapes.  He was thought to be the North American leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization (P.L.O.) raising money for terrorism.  He was never charged, even with plenty of evidence against him and stayed in business until after 9/11.
  • In 2000 I conducted an investigation with the Tampa office of the F.B.I. and D.E.A into U.S.F professor Dr. Sami Al-Arian raising money for terrorism which involved massive public corruption and the mafia.  Doctor Al-Arian was not arrested until after 9/11 and about half the facts in the case where never known.
  • The Israeli Mossad was in the Tampa, Florida area in 2000 and was actively going after subjects in the U.S. who where raising money for terrorism.  I actually talked to one of the operatives and later determined that there was good evidence that the Mossad had carried out assassinations in the Tampa area before 9/11.
  • In 2000, according to the F.B.I., Tampa, Orlando and Atlanta were the hot spots in the U.S. for raising money for terrorism with the Mossad in all three areas.


My opinion is that before 9/11, America was soft on terrorism and turned a blind eye to raising money for terrorism…maybe because it did not really affect us.  Raising money for terrorism always involved public corruption and a lot of people making money.  After 9/11, all money making activities for terrorism came to a stop.  I guess it was like the German colonel said, “One day it will happen to you”.

In closing I would like it to be known that these articles are things that happened to me and my opinions only.  If anyone would like to disagree or dispute these articles, please feel free to write me at


 On 9/11 I would like to take the time to pray for anyone who has suffered as a result of these acts of terrorism.  I am asking everyone to join me in this prayer and to take a moment to honor the victims of 9/11 and their families.  GOD BLESS YOU!

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