LEOAFFAIRS.COM™ is recognized as the Largest Law Enforcement Message Board (Blog) Site on the planet and one of the Largest Law Enforcement Websites of any type in the world.  We have approximately 500 law enforcement agencies online in 18 countries and generate over 20 Million Hits per month.  Our Website deals with many law enforcement issues involving Officer Rights including Internal AffairsThe Policeman’s Bill of RightsPublic Corruption and Whistleblower Laws.  The Message Boards are the most popular part of LEOAFFAIRS.COM™ and allow law enforcement officers to talk about work related issues, anonymously if necessary, without the fear of reprisal.  There are approximately 800,000 law enforcement officers and 300,000 correctional officers in the United States.  There are also approximately 242 International Agencies, 83 Federal Agencies and 5,856 U.S. Agencies.

LEOAFFAIRS.COM™ is frequented by Mayors, County Administrators, City Clerks, County Commissioners, City Councilmen, Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, Command Staff, Law Enforcement & Corrections Officers, Media and the General Public.  Seventy percent (70%) of our traffic comes from the Message Boards while 25% comes from the Website and 5% from the Local Community Areas (Tampa Bay Area, Washington D.C. Metro Area, San Francisco Bay Area and the Long Beach Area).

LEOAFFAIRS.COM™ has been featured on television, radio and in newspapers across the country including MSNBC and The Washington Post.  The LEOAFFAIRS.COM™ Message Boards are unique in that they seek to effect change.  We encourage access and participation by Law Enforcement Personnel, the Media and the Public.  In this way the LEOs (law enforcement officers) can post about the pros and cons within their industry, Media can pick up on the stories and publicize them and the General Public can respond by applying pressure to the agencies and powers that be for any changes they see fit.

LEOAFFAIRS.COM, LLC is a Florida corporation that went online as LEOAFFAIRS.COM™ on October 1st, 2002.  To read more about one of the founders, Chip DeBlock, simply click on his name.

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