HUMOR: Instant karma for foreign criminal mastermind

A criminal mastermind in what looks like Russia or an Eastern European country who attempts ...

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Donut Operator Video Breakdown: Protester backhands officer, promptly gets arrested

In this video, former officer and famed YouTuber ‘Donut Operator’ breaks down the thunderous smack ...

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“You’re Dealing With A Sitting Assemblywoman:”Full video released of New Jersey Assemblywoman Maria Rodriguez-Gregg’s DUI arrest

So there’s a lot to unpack in this 12-minute video. After getting rear-ended by another ...

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Authorities in Illinois release video of bulldozer chase that crushed police cruiser

An Illinois police department released dashboard camera footage from a chase that involved a stolen ...

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Free Trading Course from Alpha 7 Trading Academy

In appreciation of all the hard working law enforcement officers around the country, the Alpha ...

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Craft Holsters

Craft Holsters offers special 7% discount on the purchase of goods in the webstore ...

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U.S.S. Arizona Memorial

The U.S.S. Arizona Memorial offers an extra 10% discount to Law Enforcement officers. Click Here ...

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K9 Kondo

K-9 Kondo offers Law Enforcement a $10.00 discount on each purchase of a dog den. ...

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